Friday, February 12, 2016

Fit Friday!

Weigh in this week:

Lost: 0.04
Total Lost: 27 pounds
To Go: 29 pounds

UGH. I was hoping for more, but I used it as motivation to really dial in my nutrition this week. Eat cleaner. Eat more fruits and veggies. Not use activity points for more food. So hopefully I'll see a bigger loss this Sunday.

Workouts this week:

Friday -
Walked 12,881 steps
Saturday - Walked 7,334 steps

Sunday - Walked 6,701 steps
Monday -  Walked 12,319 steps
Tuesday - Walked 10,457 steps
Wednesday - Walked 7,847 steps
Thursday - Walked 6,071 steps

Dang! I only hit my goal three times this week. It is so hard when I don't get to walk on lunch. That really does make it or break it.

Eats this week:

My breakfasts this week have been leftover egg bake (4 pp) and a green smoothie (4 pp) made up of spinach, banana, almond milk, protein powder and coffee.

Lunches this week have been a turkey sandwich (5 pp) with a side of strawberries (0 pp).

Snacks this week have been cottage cheese (2 pp) when I wasn't so busy and could actually eat it.

Monday night G made chicken tacos (7 pp) and they were amazing.

Tuesday night G made beef stroganoff (13 pp). I had the points and G was given professional knives from my parents so he has been loving cooking lately. The gift that keeps on giving! We have been making a lot of new recipes so it was nice to make an old favorite on a chilly  night.

Wednesday night we worked the late shift so I ate a Lean Cuisine Mac and Cheese (7 pp) at my desk. This mac and cheese is so good considering it's low calorie!

Thursday night my mom and I went out to dinner at my favorite sushi place and then to the theater to see Sound of Music. It was incredible, but more on that next week.

How are you guys doing?
Do you reach 10,000 steps a day? 

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anneseverydaylife said...

Maintaining is better than gaining! But yeah, use it as motivation. I should wear a pedometer to work, I'm am sure I get 10k steps! On days off tho def not as I'm sleeping in and reading on the couch :)