Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Life Lately

G brought home flowers and sushi for me last weekend. He loves me so well.

Mondays are always better when a co-worker brings in her sweet puppy. Meet Nix!

This is super nerdy but I get really excited when my candle, Scentsy and wallflower are all the same scent. It doesn't happen often but it happened last weekend. THE BEST. My whole house smells like warm vanilla caramel and it makes me ridiculously happy.

This guys loves cuddling with me on chilly, winter nights.

My mom sent me a few pics to choose from for a game we were playing at our work Christmas party. How cute was I?! Hahaha. 

Speaking of the Christmas party, it was a lot of fun. I got to hang out with this one. My work bff that turned into my real life bff.

There was a photo booth at the party and it was so much fun!

This weekend was a fun one. G and went to Bahama Breeze for a fun lunch out and to use a gift card. I had a coconut Mojito and it was bomb.

We started out with the conch fritters to try something new and they were delicious.

G had their Curry Bowl and it was amazing. G plans to recreate it at home. That is how good it was.

We were by my parents' house so I texted them and they were at On the Border so we headed over there to visit. I had a skinny margarita and it was terrible. It tasted very chemically. But it was a nice visit! We ended up stopping at their house after for tea and to pick up a few things. 

We hadn't seem them in so long so it was nice to catch up. We were having so much fun we went to a brewery we've been wanting to try with them. It was such a fun day!

We stopped at Trader Joe's and then picked up Thai from our favorite place on the way home. It was an awesome day!

Did I mention winter is here? Because it finally came and I'm not a fan.

Manny is also not a fan. He gets as close to the fire as he possible can because with the wind chill it has been below zero lately. I feel like he giving us the evil eye and thinking "Why do we live in this frozen tundra, mom?"

So that's life lately. What's new with you?

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