Friday, January 22, 2016

Fit Friday!

Weigh in this week:

Lost: 2 pounds this week
Total Lost: 27 pounds
To Go: 29 pounds

So excited about that! It's working!!!

Workouts this week:

Sunday - Walk Manny
Monday -  21 Day Fix Cardio Extreme and walk on lunch
Tuesday - Shovel snow and walk on lunch
Wednesday - 21 Day Fix Dirty 30 and walk on lunch
Thursday - 21 Day Fix Cardio Extreme and walk on lunch
Friday - 21 Day Fix Dirty Thirty and walk on lunch

Poor Manny was limited on walks again this week because it was so cold. Single digits cold with a windshield below zero. Brrrr!

Eats this week:

This weekend I had two hard boiled eggs (4 pp).

With green smoothies. These were two cups spinach (0 pp), a cup of strawberries (0 pp) and Trop50 orange juice (1 pp). YUM!

I meal prepped Sunday so during the week I had spinach feta quiche (5 pp). Delicious!

Lunches this week have been leftovers. Leftover stuffed pepper casserole from last week. Leftover spinach and artichoke lasagna.

Snack this week has been Cinnamon Spice Oatmeal (4 pp).

Monday night we had leftover Thai food (9 pp).

Tuesday night we had Crock Pot Italian Chicken (5 pp) with a side of potatoes (6 pp) and broccoli (0 pp).

Wednesday night we made Emily Bites' Spinach and Artichoke Lasagna Roll-ups (7 pp) with a side of peppers (0 pp). It was so delicious and made excellent lunch leftovers for us the rest of the week.

Thursday night was our house anniversary so per tradition we had champs and Thai food. 

How are you guys doing? Any week that includes Thai food multiple times AND trying a new recipe is a win in my book.
Do you have any great recipes to share?

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Jen Caputo said...

woohoo!!!! way to go cousin!!! I hit 25 lbs today! (Since last January). Maybe more since I weighed in with my boots on today since my feet were too cold at the time. :P