Thursday, January 28, 2016

Dear Grandma

On Tuesday my grandma passed away. It was peaceful as she was surrounded by her children and her favorite television show was on. She is no longer suffering or bound to the restrictions of her earthly body. She is reunited with my grandpa and I know they are square dancing in heaven right now.

As we mourn this tremendous loss I thought I would honor her memory the best way I know how. By writing. In a letter format...

Dear Grandma,

Thank you for always being you. You were always so full of life. You loved to laugh and I think I get that from you. I will always remember that amazing laugh of yours. 

Your spirit of adventure and love of life was contagious. I'll never forget when G and I visited you and grandpa for Thanksgiving. We went to Daytona Beach. We ate at Pasta Fair. We swam at the pool. Gathered around the dining room table and played cards each night after dinner. We have so many wonderful memories from that trip that I will forever cherish.

Thank you for loving your children so well. My mom is an amazing mom because she had you as a role model. Thank you. Your work ethic and strength have always been inspiring. Your love and devotion was always apparent.

You were such a great friend. You were kind, fun and you had no trouble making friends wherever you went. You were a social butterfly. You loved to quilt and square dance and try new things. I will always remember that about you and I strive to be like that. So thank you. 

Thank you for loving your grandchildren so well. I remember many golf cart rides around The Villages. Many games of cards and Shuffleboard.  Line dancing together. Helping cook dinners each evening. Swimming at the pool with the waterfall. Watching Wheel of Fortune every night. You were the best hostess. You were up for anything. Thank you for so many great memories growing up at your house. Those trips to Florida were always highly anticipated each year.

It was such a special treat when you moved to Michigan. I'm so thankful you were part of the first big holiday I ever hosted. You laughed at all my candles I had burning all over the house and you loved all the food. You were a foodie before being a foodie was cool. It was such a joy having you at all our Sunday after church lunches, holidays and birthdays. 

Thank you for being a wonderful example of a God fearing woman. You taught me how to live, but you also taught me how to die. You knew with absolute certainty you were going to heaven and you couldn't wait to meet Jesus. You would tell all your friends about Jesus and what He meant to you. You were a faithful and devoted wife for over 65 years. That is a true example of what a marriage is. Love never fails. It endures all things. It is until death do you part. Thank you for such an extraordinary example of love and marriage and faith.

You were an amazing great grandma. You loved those littles with everything you had and they all just adored you. It was a real treat to watch you interact with Ella, Lilly, Landon, Paisley and Isaiah. I'm so thankful they got to know you and spend quality time with you.

You lived a full and beautiful life. You will be sorely missed, but your memory will never be forgotten. You are so loved. 'Til I see you again, I will miss you.

Love always,


Anne said...

I'm so sorry Lindsey. That is is lovely way to commemorate her. And how wonderful to be surrounded by loved ones in the last moments, can't ask for anything more comforting. Treasure your memories.

Lauren said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your grandmother! Praying peace and comfort. Had no idea she lived in The Villages. That's where we live and where my Mom works (and she lives).

Jen Caputo said...

beautifully written.... *hugs*