Friday, October 9, 2015

Fit Friday!

The workouts:

Sunday - Walk Manny 3 miles and Insanity
Monday - Walk Manny for 30 mins and an hour on lunch
Tuesday - Walk Manny for 30 mins and walk an hour on lunch
Wednesday - Walk Manny for 30 mins and walk an hour on lunch
Thursday - Walk Manny for 30 mins and walk an hour on lunch
Friday - Walk Manny for 30 mins and walk an hour on lunch
Saturday - Walk Manny 2 miles and Insanity

I am a big believer of this weight loss journey being something I can sustain long after I reach my goal. So I firmly believe this has to be a lifestyle change. I'm done with fad diets. I can honestly say I haven't felt deprived during this journey. I mean, you guys know. If you have seen my eats over the past weeks of this journey I'm not eating salads and boiled chicken everyday all day. I'm eating GOOD food. I'm enjoying my journey. The same goes for workouts. If I don't feel like working out I won't. I know the cold weather, snow and ice will be here soon so I'm savoring every minute I can exercising outside. There will be plenty of time for workout videos when the snow is up to my ankles and the temps are well below zero.  Now I'm enjoying the cool air. Listening to podcasts. I'm not even running lately since I just haven't felt like it. According to my FitBit I'm walking an average of 14,000 steps a day and that is good enough for me. 

The results:


Pounds lost: 1.5 lbs
Total: 24.5 pounds

The scale is moving again. Glory glory hallelujah! G and I are planning a weekend getaway in a few weeks and nothing motivates me more than a weekend away. I'm hoping to be down 5 pounds by then and I think it's doable. Oh and my family is planning a Myrtle Beach vacation next summer so that is extra motivation to kick it up a notch. I would love to be at my goal weight by Jan/Feb and then just work on toning/maintaining after that. 

Thoughts this week:

I've really been focusing on non-scale victories lately because the scale never tells the whole story. I'm also going to take some advice from Paige and start trying on my goal jeans I want to fit into each week and hopefully in a few months they will fit perfectly.

Here are just a few non-scale victories I've been reflecting on as of late:

  • Zipping up this sweatshirt that hasn't fit in over a year (!!!!)
  • Being able to make my Chinese food three meals instead of one
  • Wearing size medium tops again
  • Old bras fit again
Progress! I love progress. I'm proud of how far I've come and excited to keep pushing forward.

Eats this week:

Breakfasts this week have been GOOD. A whole wheat bagel thin with 2 eggs in a cup, a slice of mozzarella and a Morningstar turkey sausage. 

My boss brought us in coffee. I got a nonfat vanilla latte and it was a nice treat.

Lunches this week have been a coffee protein shake. I'm really digging them lately. Half a cup of coffee, one cup almond milk, two cups spinach, one scoop protein powder and a banana.

Or 2 cups brussels and a TJ's corn dog. Random but delicious and filling.

Snacks have been an apple and cottage cheese. And Thursday a coworker brought me some apple cider he MADE himself. It was actually pretty amazing and tasted so fresh. Fun afternoon treat!

Monday night I attended a girls night. We had enchilada soup, cheese and crackers, grapes, chips and gauc and wine. It was a really fun night!

Tuesday night G wanted steak for dinner and I'm just not into steak lately. Weird, I know. So I grabbed a burrito bowl and it hit the spot.

Wednesday I had spaghetti squash with meat sauce. I cannot believe how much like noodles it tasted like. Dare I say I didn't miss the noodles at all?! 

Thursday night we had Cooking Light's Chili. It's a favorite around these parts and we will probably make it weekly now that the weather is cold. We seriously love it and if you haven't tried it I highly recommend. Bonus: Only 5 ingredients!

Tonight we are having brats and a bonfire at our boss' house. Should be a great time with our team!

What is your favorite chili recipe? 

Give me your non scale victories!
How are you guys doing?


mags said...

Congrats! You look great! I love wearing clothes that didn't fit even a month ago. Makes getting ready for work in the morning actually fun. I don't have any chili recipes, I usually just make it up - but it has to be a little spicy! Happy Weekend!

Anne said...

Enchilada soup sounds super tasty! I hear ya on the some days you just don't feel like it and life will be ok. We are going away in a couple weeks too for our anniversary, I don't know where to go! I've never been to charlevoix but Doug is voting the porcupine mts