Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Weekend Recap

This past weekend was one of my favorites. It started Friday night with dinner with friends. The company was amazing, but the food and service were lackluster. My steak tips were raw and the waitress wouldn't do anything about it. So Manny got the meal of his LIFE that evening, ha! They wouldn't take my coupon and she overcharged me for my wine and I just don't think I'll be back. That is a bummer because it was one of my favorite restaurants. 

After dinner we stopped over at our friends house to play with their puppy. He is about 10 pounds heavier since we saw him last and just a ball of energy. I can't wait until he can play with Manny. They will be the best of friends, I just know it.

Saturday morning we were up bright and early to drive to Grand Rapids for our coworker's wedding. We weren't going to make a weekend out of it because all the graduations were happening that weekend and all the hotels were booked. But I called Friday morning just in case there was a cancellation and there was! So we dropped Manny off at boarding and headed to the wedding.

The wedding was at 1:00 p.m., but with dropping off Manny and driving 1.5 hours and anticipating graduation traffic we left super early. We didn't hit any traffic and got there an hour early so drove around the neighborhoods.

The houses were so pretty! Every house was so unique and so big.

We were driving on Wealthy Street and I just loved this front door. The street seems appropriately named, no?

I could look at houses all day long.

I was just obsessed with the architecture of all these houses and the front doors.

G told me I was being creepy and to stop taking so many pictures. Personally, if someone took a picture of my house I would be flattered. G disagreed. It was getting close to time for the wedding anyway so we headed back to the church.

We sat with work friends and took selfies while we waited for the ceremony to begin.

The ceremony was just the cutest thing. There was a live band playing while Alison walked down the aisle and it was just so beautiful there wasn't a dry eye. They are just the sweetest couple.

After the ceremony we hightailed it to the reception hall to help set up. The event planner in me got to come out which was fun. We set up the favors table, lit candles, put the cookies out and filled the vases with water. The flowers were late to be delivered so we had to set those up while people were filling up the room. I don't miss event planning and that stress that comes with it.

Felicia was in charge of putting ribbon on the banister and she looked at G and said "I feel like I just TPed the stairs." Ha! We all started cracking up and G had to take a picture.

It all came together really well! We did good work if I do say so myself.

The obligatory cake picture for my mom.

The newlyweds!!!

The work crew.

The happy couple.

I look a thousand pounds in the picture, but it's a great pic of everyone else. I need to get better at posing!

More selfies.

My girls!

The favors - cake pops.

The cookies we set up.

The appetizer table. My version of heaven. YUM!

Coffee time.

I was just a picture taking fool. The wedding was during the day and there were coffee and appetizers and no dancing. So the reception was winding down by 5:00 p.m. so we drove over to our hotel and checked in.

I was obsessed with this headboard and took a picture so G could replicate it for our bedroom at home.

But the best part of our room was the views from the 19th floor. Gorgeous! Also, good people watching. We saw lots of brides taking pictures on the bridge and prom must have been going on because there were lots of girls in pretty dresses taking pictures below us too. Free entertainment, ha!

We had wine and truffles waiting for us. I love hotel living!

G and I enjoyed a glass of wine and enjoyed the view. 

Hotel selfie by the elevators as we went to the 27th floor for our dinner reservations.

We ate at Cygnus 27 and it was so much fun. The atmosphere was cool. 

I want a wine cellar like this!

The views were insane.

Especially when the sun started to set.

More selfies.

View from the top.

The chandelier over our table was pretty.

We spent three hours here just talking, laughing, drinking and enjoying the company. It was so much fun. I love that my coworkers are also my friends.

Cheers to a fun weekend away!

That pretty sunset.

We each got an appetizer and just shared everything. We had manchego fritters, mussels, tuna and olive dip, and calamari. Everything was really good. Jess and I are trying mussels in the above picture. I was nervous, but they were actually really good.

The calamari was insanely good! I never thought I would say that! Such a fun dinner! The rest of our group went to another bar afterwards, but we went back and relaxed in our room. Because we're over 30 and we were tired, ha! We watched Jurassic Park which we both haven't seen in forever. 

Sunday morning we slept in, grabbed Starbucks and ate breakfast enjoying the view.

I had the Spinach and Feta Wrap and it was incredible! G had the Bacon and Gouda sandwich and that was even better. I need more Starbucks breakfast in my life. After breakfast we headed to the pool and swam laps and then relaxed in the hot tub.

Then we checked out, loaded up the car and walked over to the museum because all the museums were free on Sunday. But that was the line to get into the museum! No thanks. 

It was a gorgeous day. Sunny and 60s so we walked over the water's edge and sat down and just enjoyed the scenery.

So relaxing! The fresh air and sunshine felt so good.

We walked around town for about an hour. There were street musicians playing at different corners so we would stop and listen to them. There were tons of people out and about so we did some good people watching too. 

We stopped at Stella's for lunch. I tried this Blood Orange Honey beer and it was delicious.

We just love the atmosphere here and the burgers are seriously the best I ever had. So good! The fries are also incredible. Crunchy, salty with a cheese seasoning on them. Amaze.

We walked back to our car and headed home. We picked up Manny and got home around 6. It was the perfect weekend! Seriously, a blast. It just went way too fast!

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