Friday, April 3, 2015

Fit Friday!

Workouts this week:

Sunday - 35 minutes on the elliptical, 30 minutes of weight lifting and 30 minutes of swimming
Monday - Walk an hour on lunch and swim for 30 min
Tuesday - 
Walk an hour on lunch and swim for 30 min
Wednesday - Walk an hour on lunch and swim 30 min
Thursday - 
Walk an hour on lunch and swim 30 min
Friday  -  BR Workout 11 and walk Manny
Saturday - Rest!

Things look different, no? We have a sweet coworker that also works at this really nice gym near work a couple times a month. She was able to get us free 7 day passes to check out the gym again. We went last March too with friends and had a BLAST. The gym recently redid the locker rooms so she graciously got us passes again to check it out. If you can't tell from the workouts above we thoroughly enjoyed our time. See also: I heart swimming. A LOT.

We went to the gym last weekend and most of this past week. I knew we would go everyday after work so I avoided meal planning or grocery shopping. I'm not going to lie. It was a nice break!

Weigh in this week:


Pounds Lost: 1 pound
To Go: 40 to go
Total Lost: 15 pounds

Thoughts this week:


On one hand I feel like 15 pounds is not a lot of weight and I still have so much more to go. On the other hand I'm SUPER proud of how far I've come. Images of waking up early every morning and working out really hard come to mind. Saying no to a second piece of pizza or cheese bread. Eating veggies before every meal. Diligently making my protein smoothies each morning. Walking every lunch. Keeping my healthy habits during the weekend (this one was huge!). All of those moments pop into my head and I remember how strong I've been and how much it's paying off. My clothes are looser. My face is thinner. I'm starting to get comments from people because they are noticing a difference. 

It feels good. It's worth it. I got this. I'm doing it my way and it's working. I don't feel deprived. This is a lifestyle change. I'm not perfect at it, but I'm making progress and that is all that matters.

Eats this week:

Friday night after the gym we grabbed Mediterranean takeout. I tried something different this time. The Chicken Shawarma. It is a new favorite! I am obsessed. With a side of broccoli each time it fed me twice this past weekend.  

I used up the last of a Starbucks gift card Saturday morning and enjoyed a non fat Cinnamon Dolche Latte.

Saturday afternoon G made his own tortilla chips and they hit the spot! They made a great afternoon snack with salsa.

Sunday we met friends at the gym and spent a good 3 hours working out. We ended our time at the gym with a few trips down the water slide (Yes, they have an indoor water slide!!) and relaxation in the hot tub. Then we were famished so we headed to Hop Cat for some beer, food and to watch the State game.

I ordered the Turkey Burger with Pesto Aioli (they had me at aioli!) with their Crack Fries and cheese sauce. YUM! It made excellent leftovers Monday for lunch too.

Sunday night I tried Alid's Gluten Free mac and cheese and I am just not a fan. I wanted to like it so badly but it just had no flavor. 

I hated to throw it away so I added 1/4 cup cup Cheddar and it was much tastier. I finished Season 7 of Dexter while eating a late dinner.

My breakfasts this week have been an old standby. I just can't think of anything I want more than 2 eggs in a mug with 1/4 cup Cheddar on a Sandwich Thin. So good!!

I switched up my lunches though. I knew I would be too hungry to make dinner after the gym during the week so after dinner Monday night I made steak and brown rice with steamed broccoli for yummy stir fry during the week. Super delicious and filling!

I also switched up my snacks this week from Kind bars to one cup cottage cheese and an apple. Perfection!

Monday night after the gym we grabbed Chineese food for dinner. I had a cup of tofu lo mein and a cup of rice with a side of broccoli. I also had this for dinner Tuesday night.

And lunch Wednesday and Thursday with the side of broccoli mixed in instead. Even better!

Wednesday night after the gym we picked up Med, but all I could eat was the veggie soup. I had this sharp stabbing pain in my stomach after the gym and it took a good couple hours to go away. I hope that pain never comes back. OUCH.

Thursday night I ate the Med I couldn't eat Wednesday. Chicken and veggies with hummus. So good! 

So that was our week. Lots of take out. Lots of gym time swimming, lifting and living the life. Next week things will be back to normal. Working out at home. Cooking again. But it was a nice change from the usual.

How are you guys doing?

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Mrs. Guru said...

Every time I see your eats I feel like I should come visit you! Keep up the good work and your food always looks yummy!