Friday, January 23, 2015

Fit Friday!


I only lost a pound last week which surprised me since I ate all home cooked meals and kept it at 1500 calories each day. Maybe the extra sodium played a part? I'm not sure. We'll see how my weigh in Sunday goes and if eating out makes me lose more. I did measure again and I lost an inch in my waist, arms and thighs so that is something!

My workouts this week:

Sunday - Rest
Monday - Walk an hour on lunch and Body Revolution (BR) Workout 3
Tuesday - 
Walk an hour on lunch and BR Workout 4
Wednesday - Walk an hour on lunch and BR Cardio 1
Thursday - 
Walk an hour on lunch and BR Workout 3
Friday  - 
Walk an hour on lunch and BR Workout 4
Saturday - Walk Manny and BR Cardio

I got to switch out my DVDs this week and it was a nice change. I was getting tired of 1 and 2, but now I want to go back! These DVDs are so much harder! I'm so sore, especially my arms. And oddly, arm muscles I didn't know I had. Ouch! The second time I did Workout 3 I literally felt like my arms would fall off. 

Eats this week:

My breakfasts lately have been 2 eggs (cooked in a mug) with spinach on a Flat Out! wrap and Laughing Cow cheese. YUM!

Another fave breakfast lately has been the Skinny Confidential's 3 ingredient pancakes. They don't look great, but trust me. They are! I put peanut butter on them this time and they were even better!

Did I mention the killer mac and cheese I had? That made a few meals over the weekend and it tasted just as good leftover!

My girlfriend and I have been swapping leftovers to try new recipes so this was one of hers I ate for lunch over the weekend. Sausage and Chicken Soup. It was amazing! I need to get the recipe for this one.

My snacks this week have been half an avocado or an oatmeal.

Baked potatoes in the crock pot! They turned out amazing with 1/4 cup low fat cheddar cheese, 2T bacon bits and 2T light sour cream. It made a nice dinner Sunday night and lunch during the week.

I made Slow Cooker Black Bean and Sausage Soup in the crock pot Monday for dinner. But when G found out there was a brewery in our sleepy little town with a full menu he wanted to check it out so we went there instead. I just cannot eat healthy no matter how hard I try when truffle fries with garlic aioli and mac and cheese are on the menu. I have been eating leftovers for 3 days so I think that shows my portion control! I had to make a meal for a girlfriend this week that just had back surgery so I decided to just give her this soup since we didn't eat it.

This week just got busy. And next week. And February. I love it though! I don't take it for granted one bit that we have good friends and family we want to spend time with. Tuesday night we went to dinner with friends from work. This new restaurant next door to our work opened and we were so excited to try it after watching it be built for months. We tried Poutine since it was on the menu and it's on all my fave foodie shows. I don'l like gravy so I wasn't surprised I didn't like it. But I tried it! I had a gouda burger and it was incredible. So good!!! I also learned I shouldn't go to restaurants the first week they are open. I just don't have the patience. It took over an hour for our food and I was hangry. 

Wednesday we had dinner plans with our friends we hung out with on vacation. We chose most of the restaurants in South Haven we went to so we told them to pick where they wanted to eat. They chose a Korean restaurant and I was pumped because I have never had it before. It was legit because we were the only white people in the restaurant. You know the food is going to be good! You get these appetizers to start and I could barely remember what they were - spinach and feremented cabbage two different ways. OMG I was obsessed with the fermented cabbage, so good! 

I got what Andrea got, the Bee Bim Bop. It came with beef but I opted for tofu.

It cam in this hot plate so it's sizzling and the rice is still cooking. There are carrots, spinach, and zucchini and it was just amazing. I don't like spicy food so I didn't use the hot sauce that came on the side. Instead I used soy sauce. YUM. I can't believe it took me 31 years to try Korean food. I'm obsessed. So good!!

Thursday night I made spaghetti and meatballs for dinner. My lunches have been leftover mac and cheese, burger, and Bee Bim Bop. It's been a good eating week!

How are you all doing?


stribble29 said...

1-2 pounds a week is EXACTLY what you're supposed to lose to maintain long term healthy weight loss. The slower you lose it, the harder it is to put back on. Great job girl!!!!! I want mac and cheese now......

Georgia Girl, Jersey Wife said...

Great job! We've been doing this too (minus the workouts ha ha!) We've been eating at home, eating healthier, trying to be organic as much as we can. I also got a Fitbit which definitely encourages me to get up and move more! Congrats to you!