Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Ten for Tuesday

1. I'm not sure what is cuter: How adorable Manny looks in his Christmas sweater or how much he enjoys wearing it. 

2. My girlfriend and I are working on winter wreaths. The finished product will look like this (I hope). It turns out wrapping yarn around balls is time consuming, but it is also really relaxing. This project is going to take a lot longer than one night, but it is going to look so good.

3. In the meantime I put my yarn balls in a vase and it makes a pretty centerpiece.

4. My girlfriend's fireplace looks straight out of a magazine, right?! I love it.

5. We went to dinner at a friends house and after dinner we build this gingerbread house. Pretty! We ran out of frosting and started eating the candy, but I think it turned out pretty well. 

6. We hosted friends last week and it was fun to use my new wine decanter from my brother and SIL. So fancayyyy.It really is the little things that make me happy.

7. We went to an Elf themed Christmas party Saturday night my girlfriend, Kate, was hosting.  Above is her boyfriend dressed as an Elf on the Shelf. Uncanny, right?!

8. It was a really fun party. We met a lot of really cool people. Lost terribly at beer pong. And played a rousing good game of White Elephant. We walked away with Saugatuck beer and these awesome Clark Griswald shot glasses. G couldn't wait to put them in the bar.

9. I think I have a problem. Bath and Body Works had a deal last week that all their candles were $8 (originally $22!!) so a few coworkers and I headed over and stocked up. Not only was I saving $14 a candle, I also had a 20% coupon so I ended up saving $80! I call that a win. I think my new favorite scent is the Champagne Toast, it smells so good. The sparkly cover candle is Wine Down and that is a close second favorite.

10. I mean seriously, is he not the cutest in his little sweater? Now that I know Manny loves to wear this sweater I can invest in some more pieces for him. I never thought I would be one of those people to dress their dog, but Manny gets cold since he has short hair and I think the sweater helps. That's my story and I'm sticking to it!


Melissa said...

Great post!! Manny looks absolutely adorable in his sweater :)

I'm not one to dress up my dogs usually but for some reason I love to justify little sweaters and "outerwear" as essentials for keeping them warm. haha Just got them "puffy jackets" in the $3 bin at Target last week. Hilarious!

Rebecca Jo said...

I used to put our smallest dog in a sweater - until the bigger dogs would rip them in shreds off of her - every time! :) haha

That elf!!! I love fun people!

Balls of yarn have ALWAYS made me happy :) cant wait to see your wreath