Friday, December 19, 2014

Fit Friday!

The stats this week: 

Pounds Lost: 0 pounds
To Go: 45 to go
Total Lost: 10 pounds

Hey, I'm happy with that. I've had so many parties and there have been so many treats in the office that if I maintain the rest of the month I'll be happy. My goal is to maintain during Christmas and New Years and then hit it hard again in January.

My workouts this week:

Sunday - T25 Core Circuit
Monday - Walk an hour on lunch and 30 minutes with Manny
Tuesday - Insanity Cardio and walk 30 minutes with Manny
Wednesday - T25 Upper Body and 30 minutes with Manny
Thursday - Insanity Cardio and Walk 30 minute walk with Manny
Friday  - T25 Rip't Circuit and 30 minute walk with Manny
Saturday - Pilates

I decided to switch things up this week and throw in some Insanity. I forgot how much I liked it. It's different than T25 and it's a nice change.

Eats this week:

Grilled asparagus is the bomb dot com.

TJ fries and steak. YUM.

This is Manny while the steak was sitting on the table, ha!

Sunday nights are for TJ pesto pizza and a glass of white wine.

TJ Blueberry Bran Muffins. Amazing! New favorite breakfast paired with 2 clementines and 1/2 cup cottage cheese.

Another breakfast favorite is 2 eggs in a mug (spraying cooking spray in a mug, mixing two eggs with a fork, adding 1/4 cup cheddar cheese and microwaving for a minute and 40 seconds with a napkin over the cup) on a toasted sandwich thin. Delicious! I might add 1/4 avocado next time.

G's meat pie and green beans are best on a paper plate when the dishwasher is full and dirty.

Baked ziti. An oldie but a goodie.

A new favorite beer recommended by our neighbor, Arbor Brewing Jackhammer Old Ale. I don't usually like dark beers, but this one is a keeper.

Grilled chicken, asparagus and potatoes. A yummy dinner and leftovers made a yummy lunch.

Taco bowl with spinach, grilled chicken, avocado, black beans and sour cream. Magic in a bowl!

My boss brought our team coffee Thursday afternoon. So nice! Caramel latte is the perfect pick me up on a cold, rain/icy day!

G made spaghetti last night and I'm excited for leftovers tonight.

How are you all doing? Anyone else grilling in 25 degree weather?

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mags said...

Maintaining your weight during the holiday season rocks! Good for you! Merry Christmas!!!