Friday, June 27, 2014

Fit Friday!

It has been another rainy week here, but things started to look up come Wednesday. Thank goodness! I need a break from the rain so the weeds in my yard can stop growing like there is no tomorrow. Looks like there is lots of weeding in my future. Anyways, I digress. Here is my workout routine for the week:

Sunday - Walk Manny 3 miles
Monday - Walk Manny 2 miles (no walking on lunch, I went thrifting with the girls instead)
Tuesday - Walk Manny 2 miles and 3 miles on lunch
Wednesday - Walk Manny 2 miles and 3 miles on lunch
Thursday - Walk Manny 2 miles and 3 miles on lunch
Friday - Walk Manny 2 miles and 3 miles on lunch

Why no T25 this week, you ask? I hurt my upper thigh doing T25 last Friday and my right leg has just not been the same since. I self diagnosed that I have a muscle strain. It hurts a lot. So I'm trying to rest, though I can't NOT walk. I love it too much. But I am taking it easier, promise. I want this to heal. Ow!

I have been maintaining lately so I lowered my calories to 1200 on Wednesday to start really getting that darn scale to move. I thought that might be too low, but just for fun I calculated what my WW Daily Points would be and tracked points for a few days and realized I was allowed 30 points which pretty much equaled 1200 calories on MyFitness Pal every time.

My breakfasts have been a Special K Turkey Sausage and Egg Sandwich with a cup of pineapple. My snack has been an apple. My lunch has been a half serving of the Minute Brown Rice Cup, a cup of black beans and half an avocado. My afternoon snack has been a Coconut and Chocolate KIND Bar and they are a new favorite! Obsessed.

Here was my dinner schedule for the week:

Monday - Leftover spaghetti and salad from Sunday
Tuesday - Tuna Melts with edamame (an oldie that I have missed!)
Wednesday - Curry Chicken (We started using canned Fire Roasted Tomatoes instead of salsa and added chickpeas, so good!)
Thursday - Verde Chicken Quesadillas (revised to make them in the crock by throwing the chicken, salsa verde, and chicken broth in the crock for 9 hours on low and then just started at step 3 when we got home from work. Yum!)
Friday - Out to eat with friends

I'm pretty proud of myself for all the eating in we did. We are really trying to make eating out a treat. A one time a week event. This week it was successful and I didn't miss take out. I'm kinda of sick of take out actually. I'm even looking forward to leftover quesadillas Saturday and meal planning again for next week. 

How are you all doing?


Rebecca Jo said...

I hurt my knee in the last 2 weeks of T25 - dang it!!!!

I just ordered the new PiYo workout. cant wait to start that.

stribble29 said...

Hey girl!!! Just wanted you to know that 30 points plus is equal to about 1800 calories according to my WW leader. Since WW doesn't calculate their points by calories anymore, it's kind of hard to figure out. I'm at 28 which is around 1500. You're doing a great job. Keep it up!!! Hope you're knee is feeling better soon!