Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Tricks to Slash Your Cell Phone Bill

Please enjoy Sage's guest post on how to save some cash on cell phone bills!

Are you looking for ways to cut your cell phone costs? Many of us are spending more than we should on our cell phone bill. If you're like me, you probably rely on your cell phone for a lot of things and have been caught unaware by charges on your bill. Having a mobile phone costs, but it doesn't have to cost a lot. Here are simple ways we can slash our bill and save money.

Use only the services you need. Extra features like 411 calls, call waiting, roadside assistance, toll-free calls, horoscope texts, ringtone downloads and cell phone insurance may not be worth much separately but when added together will significantly inflate your cost.

Instead of paying for each services individually, bundle your cable, internet and phone plans for additional discounts.

As phone companies offer free calls within the same network, invite your friends and family to join your network to save money. Additional discounts may also apply to family plans.

There are certain discounts you may qualify for - employee, student, senior, etc. so make sure you take advantage of them.

Monitor your calls, texts, and data usage. This way, you can customize your plan according to your usage. For example, if you text a lot, an unlimited text plan may work best for you and if you only make local calls, then a local-only plan may suit you best.

Free wi-fi, Skype and Viber, are just some of the things you can use for free. So why pay when you can get it free?

Use your landline phone whenever you can.

It won't hurt to ask your cell phone company for a better deal.

Get a plan that allows rolling over of unused minutes.

For light users, save money with a prepaid plan. If you don't want hidden charges and extra expenses, a lock-in period, and credit checks, then go with pay as-you-go packages or nocontractplans. They are uncomplicated and straightforward enough.

A frugal living enthusiast, wife and mother, Sage Harman runs http://www.no-contract-plans.com, a site dedicated to providing free information to consumers trying to find viable no-contract phone and internet plans.

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