Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Ten for Tuesday

1. I find it quite alarming that there is this electronic billboard on the highway that shows how many deaths caused by car accidents have occurred so far in 2014. In February. FEBRUARY. There were already 119 deaths. Two weeks ago there were 190 and last Friday I noticed there were 201 deaths caused by car accidents. That is eleven in two weeks. Is that alarming to anyone else?! Please, please drive safe. Don't text and drive. Watch your surroundings and lets watch out for each other. That is a scary statistic and it is only May.

2. This weekend was so nice. We were lazy bums. I trained a new employee all last week and it wiped me out. I slept A LOT this weekend. We watched movies. Read. Church. Walked Manny. Did lots of yard work. It was the perfect balance between productive and relaxing. My favorite kind of weekend!

3. My parents have been telling us to watch About Time forever. Well, we finally rented it this weekend! It was such a great movie. I loved the message and I watched the ending about three times. I loved the line in the movie about enjoying your "extraordinary ordinary life." The movie was such a good reminder to truly live. Notice the small things. Savor each moment of your life. Don't let the worry and tension of life rob you of the beautiful moments of life. LOVE.

4. I finished The Fault in Our Stars. You guys were right, it was brilliant. I absolutely and completely loved it. I liked the way it ended. I just adore the way John Green writes. He can be so witty and clever and in the next paragraph so profound. I mean, he compares champagne bubbles to little stars on your tongue. How amazing is that?! This book was incredibly sad though. I don't even like sad books, but I was so immersed in the story. So completely IN the story. Into the characters as if they were my own friends. Isn't it funny how a story can pull you in that deep? Saturday morning I was reading the book. G was in the basement watching Manchester United. Manny was in the other room looking out the window. The book just got so sad and I was crying. Sobbing. I don't cry with tears, but tears were streaming down my face. Manny ran into the room and put his head on my shoulder. It was so sweet. 

5. After finishing the book I read about John Green and started watching all his VlogBrothers videos on YouTube. John and his brother, Hank, are HILARIOUS. It was just what I needed after that book! This video is my favorite.

6. It has been pretty cold and rainy the last few weeks, but it will be in the high 70s/80s at the end of the week. I'm so excited! I think we can finally put up our awning and set up the lights, chairs and table for some outside dinners come Friday. After the winter we had I could not be more excited!

7. I don't mean to sound harsh, but I'm glad Sam Wolf went home last week on American Idol. I just did not see what everyone loved about him. I was super surprised the judges had saved him back in the beginning. He just doesn't have that IT factor to me. 

8. I started using ProActiv again. My skin went crazy last month and there is nothing worse than bad skin AND not being at your goal weight. UGH. It's humbling to say the least. I bit the bullet and ordered it again. My skin is getting better slowly, but I have had to call ProActiv twice to cancel extra orders. I hate that about the company. Love the product. Hate that they set you up for automatic payments and keep sending you the product. I just wanted one month to TRY it, not a year supply thankyouverymuch.

9. Anyone watching The Real Housewives of the OC? Ahhhhh it is so good. I am loving the new girl, Shannon. I feel bad for her, but I also can't look away. I love Heather and Tamra and well, all of them. They are so funny and so entertaining. I honestly didn't think I would watch after Gretchen and Alexis were kicked off, but I don't even miss them. 

10. I'm kinda sad The Fault in Ours Stars is over. I loved getting into a book again, it's been too long! Give me your reccs on what I should read next. Please and thank you!


Jen McCrady said...

I tell everyone I know about About Time. It is seriously the best movie, and I always think about it when I'm having a stressful day. Reminds me to enjoy each and every moment and be completely PRESENT. It's very rare to find a movie that sticks with you so much!

Also, The Fault in Our Stars. Incredible. Can't wait for the movie.

Rebecca Jo said...

I heard ALL of John Green's books are awesome. I've downloaded them all...

Texting & Driving FREAKS ME OUT! I see people weaving all the time & get up to them & see a phone in their hand. I always say I want a sign I can hold up in my car that says, "DONT TEXT & DRIVE" & just honk & show it & drive off....

I love ALL the housewives... I always love Tamra - I can't stand Vicki though. PLEASE get her off...