Friday, April 11, 2014

Fit Friday!


I read an article by Jennifer Dukes Lee that changed my mind about weighing in today. Lee writes:

"It’s been a month since I saw my own reflection. I haven’t looked in a mirror since March 5, and I won’t look at myself again until Easter morning.

I don’t look at myself when I brush my teeth, or when I blow-dry my hair. I don’t take that one final peek before stepping out the door to go to church or a speaking engagement. I bravely (or perhaps, ridiculously) wield a mascara wand without the help of a mirror.
The whole experiment has been a huge lesson in trust. With these four words— “How do I look?”— I am daily entrusting my physical appearance to two small humans and a guy who raises pigs for a living.
But I gave up mirrors anyway. I gave them up, because I was tired.
I was tired of the self-degradation that we engage in as women. I was tired of how we women judge ourselves by the externals, even though God tells us He favors the heart.
And I was tired of all the ways that we women tell ourselves that we’re not enough—or let our bathroom scales tell us that we’re too much.
So I covered my mirrors with words that tell me how I am loved, cherished, chosen and “preapproved” by God.
The day after I covered my mirrors, my youngest daughter, age nine, asked if she could cover hers, too. Because she didn’t want me to take this Easter journey alone...
Every morning, my daughter and I read these tangible reminders of who we are, in Christ. When we are focused less on the self, we reflect more on the Savior. Together we are saying, “fewer mirrors, more Messiah.”
That really spoke to me. My battle cry today is "Less Weighing in, More Messiah." I get so obsessed with the number on the scale. Really high highs when the scale goes down and really low lows when it doesn't move or goes up. Obviously, this isn't healthy. I focus so much on what I eat. How much I eat. How much water I drink. Did I work out today? I mean, these are all good. But not when it is a constant obsession to make the scale swing in your favor.

It shouldn't be about the scale. It shouldn't be about keeping it under 1200 calories. It shouldn't be about the scale defining my mood. It shouldn't be all about food. It's about honoring God every moment of my day. It's about praying without ceasing. It's about letting Christ fill me and satisfy me. Not food. Not exercise. Not with what the scale says. If I'm CONSTANTLY thinking about food, exercise, and letting guilt and obsession control my thoughts that is not leaving much room for Christ.

It's time to focus more on Christ. Less on what the scale says. Less on how many calories I take in and more on Am I full? Did I fuel my body? To spend more time in the Word and less on what I ate, didn't eat, should have ate, etc. I'm not sure if any of these ramblings make sense to any but me, but that's okay. All of this to say, I'm taking a break from the scale until Easter. I'm still going to post what I ate. I'm still going to focus on eating healthy and exercise. But I'm going to focus more on Christ. Less on what the scale says. It does not determine my worth. I'm excited to grow closer to God. Work hard on weight loss and see the results on Easter. 

With that being said, here were my workouts for the week:

Monday - Walk 50 minutes
Tuesday - Insanity and walk 50 minutes
Wednesday - Walk 50 minutes on lunch and 45 min with Manny after dinner
Thursday - Insanity and walk 30 minutes
Friday - Walk 50 minutes 
Saturday - Insanity

My meals this week have been good. I wasn't as great taking pictures, but it's okay. I'm giving myself grace on that. We have been cooking more which is always a good thing. Breakfasts have been an apple with half a bagel and Laughing Cow Cream Cheese. It was good, but not as filling without the protein of the hard boiled egg.

Lunches have been leftover dinner. Monday night we had G's Beef Stroganoff. We used half and half instead of heavy whipping cream. You could definitely tell the difference, but the leftovers were actually better. 

Tuesday we made Crock pot Chicken Curry. We added potatoes in this time. Excellent decision! We ate leftovers for lunch and dinner Wednesday and Thursday. Nothing makes me happier than eating what we have! Warm, filling, nutritious meals. Perfection. Also? Only having to cook twice in 4 days? Don't mind if we do!

My snacks have been leftover Banana Nut Muffins my SIL made for brunch Sunday. She graciously left them all with us and they made the perfect afternoon snack. Thanks Sam!

Tonight my good friend, Claire, is coming over and I'm taking her out to dinner for a belated birthday celebration. How are you all doing?


Lauren said...

great post! i love that mirror analogy!

Anonymous said...

Oh man... What an absolutely fitting post for me, right now. Thanks for the wake up call! I can't wait to see how you feel when you post at Easter, too.

And your meals always look so stinking yummy!

Adrienne said...

This is very encouraging. It's such a difficult balance between desiring health for the body God gave us and desiring more than that. Prayers that you keep finding peace in God!! :)