Friday, March 28, 2014

Fit Friday!


My workouts are going to look a little bit hard core this week because I was taking full advantage of our free pass to the fancy gym. I think you will notice I really enjoy swimming, ha! Here was my workout schedule:

Sunday - Rest
Monday - Walk 50 minutes
Tuesday - Walk 50 minutes on lunch, 60 minutes on elliptical, 2 mile bike ride and quarter mile swim
Wednesday - Walk 50 minutes and swim 30 minutes
Thursday - Walk 50 minutes and swim half a mile
Friday - Walk 50  minutes

My breakfasts this week have been the same old same old. 2 eggs (cooked in a cup) with a slice of whole grain bread. I'm so obsessed with this. It's only 295 calories, so delicious, and filling. Why have you not tried it?!

Lunches this week have been 2 cups Romaine lettuce, 4 oz. of grilled chicken and 2 tablespoons of Ken's Lite Cesar Dressing. 215 calories. It is definitely a welcome change. So flavorful and filling. A new favorite!

My snacks this week have been 11 yogurt covered almonds for 220 calories. These were sweeter than I expected, but paired with a small cup of black coffee they hit the spot and keep me full for hours. They are higher in calories than I would usually have for an afternoon snack, but since we've been eating dinner later this week they help tie me over.

Monday night I had the cooking class. We ate high protein food including lots of fish so I would call it a healthy meal. I got my fill of Omega 3s this week!

Tuesday night we hit the gym pretty hard. We did another mini triathlon and didn't finish until 8:00 so we grabbed a protein shake from the cafe. I knew it would be a late night so I ate an avocado (240 calories) before I left work to tie me over. The shake (200 calories) was the perfect end to the meal.

Wednesday night we finished up the cottage pie. G had been eating the leftovers for lunch all week and wanted another protein shake after the gym. Me? I needed real food so I had a small serving and it hit the spot. 350 calories.

Thursday night was our last night at the gym. G played racquetball with a coworker and I swam half a mile. My goal! Accomplished! I was starved and drank a small protein shake (200 calories) on the way home and then ate a Amy's Spinach Feta sandwich (260 calories). My favorite dinner of the week! Yummo.


Tonight we are going out to dinner and bowling with small group. Good times! The results?  Maintaining. Not gonna lie, that is a little disappointing. Especially after all the work I put in this week. 


My pants are looser so I'm going to try and focus on that.I think next week I'm going to start South Beach again and get back to Insanity to start seeing results again. How are you guys doing?


Jen McCrady said...

It's so frustrating to not see any changes on the scale! I can totally relate. I have maintained for basically the last 3 weeks but I just bought a smaller sized jean yesterday! So I know things are working. I'm glad you can tell that your pants are fitting more loosely! That's something! Hang in there, and it'll all pay off :)

Andrea Weiss said...

I've been following your journey for a long time and I too am surprised by your maintenance this week. I'm definitely not a doctor (!!) but my suspicions lean towards the idea that you might be eating too little and have possibly stressed your metabolism. You might want to check out this link:

It might help! I just think weight loss should be easier at the beginning. The last 5-10 are typically the hardest to lose.

Keep up the positive attitude! :)

Melissa said...

Great job on the workouts this week!

Again, no doctor or nutritionist here but I just visited mine yesterday and this may be something to think about as you continue to tweak. Here is the daily plan I have and how I have lost 20+ pounds since last June and maintained my loss (I am at goal now). I have found this SO easy b/c I don't have to really think about calories and can make it work throughout my day based on what's going on.

Protein: 3 servings
Carbs: 3 servings
Dairy: 2 servings
Fruit: 3 servings
Vegetables: 4 servings (or more--no limit here)
Fat: 3 servings (this also includes alcohol--a glass of wine or beer would = 2 fat servings for the day)
Bonus: 1 protein bar or protein shake (as long as it is less than 210 calories and has min. 10g protein and 5g Fiber)

This has been pretty darn easy to follow and if I have a special occasion or something I don't worry about the extra--I just enjoy and then move on to the next day :) Shoot me an email if you want to discuss further or want me to share any of the other info they've given me (food guides, serving size info, etc)

Rebecca Jo said...

WHAT? I haven't seen those Amy's Feta Pocket thingies.. YUM!!!!
Look at all your cardio! Keep it up lady!

Linnea said...

I understand how frustrating it is. I'm suprised you didn't lose. Those almonds looks so good! Keep up the great work!!!!

warmfuzzies said...

I have Insanity! I loved it! My only problem is that I have a toddler who gets into everything while I'm doing my work out. I have to stop way too often and my heart rate goes back down and it doesn't get done properly. I think I need to either wait until I can do that work out when nobody is home with me or I need something that's really quick. I have been doing a lot of running/ walking with a C25K program.when I have to do walking when my husband isn't home I take out the jogging stroller with my toddler and with the biking I can just put my son in the bike trailer.

warmfuzzies said...

How do you like the South Beach? I did it years ago and I lost a lot of weight on it my only thing right now is that I have to be gluten-free and I'm very limited. I did see that South Beach has a gluten-free specific South beach style recipes so maybe I'll try that. Are you still doing South Beach and how do you like it?