Friday, March 21, 2014

Fit Friday!

Why is time flying so fast? I mean, I can't complain. The faster the days go, the sooner I get to my goal weight. But it is flying by so quickly it's freaking me out. I can't complain though. Life is good. Work is good. A mini getaway is on the horizon to celebrate G and I both losing 10 pounds and to celebrate our anniversary a little late. What? You don't celebrate 10 pound increments? We find it really helps our success. And we know the first 10 are usually the hardest. The next few 10 pound increments won't be such grand celebrations, probably more along the lines of a new piece of clothing or piece for the man cave for G and a mani or pedi for me.

This week my workout schedule has been boring. Walking 3 miles a day. When the weather is nice out, which it has been most of this week, I add another 30 minutes of walking in the evenings after dinner. Why so boring, you may ask? Embarrassing story. I wish I could tell you I hurt my back doing Insanity or rescuing Manny from some crazy scenario. But no. The truth is I was bending over to scoop out Manny's food and I had a scorching pain through my back. This was Friday evening. It still kinda feels bad and it has been a week. Awesome. Welcome to 30, friends. It's wild. 

My eats have been a tad bit more exciting than my workouts. Breakfasts this week have been an all time favorite. Whole wheat bread with egg in a cup and a slice of cheddar cheese. Why did I go 30 years without eating this? Egg on bread. Life changing. I add an apple or clementine and I'm full all morning. Just writing this I am craving it. 

My afternoon snack this week have been Kind Oats and Honey bars. They weren't as filling as the Luna bars (or as good, in my opinion) but G loves these things. It was a nice change, though. 

Lunches this week have been random since we are just eating what we had so nothing goes bad. Monday and Tuesday I had an oldie but goodie - black beans and avocado. I use half a can of black beans, half an avocado and eat it with 2 clementines for 375 calories. Filling and so delicious. 

Wednesday I had a string cheese, clementines and a Trader Joe's almond yogurt. I am definitely over this yogurt, but I don't want it to go bad. Wasting food is my biggest pet peeve. 

Thursday and Friday I had this Annie Chun's Miso Soup. It is delicious and paired with clementines it filled me up. This was my favorite lunch of the week, yummo!

Monday night we had our usual sushi night, this time with a few girls from work. I am so obsessed with sushi. I could eat it every single day. Two rolls are only 420 calories! Lots of food for not a lot of calories is a win in my book, especially when it is as tasty as sushi. 

Tuesday night we ended up working so late. It always seems to happen on the nights we have plans to ACTUALLY make dinner. Read: time consuming. It never happens that we work late on the nights a crock pot meal is ready and waiting, ha! Maybe I should just make more crock pot meals... I digress. By the time we drove home and cooked it would have been near 8:00 so we settled on Outback Steakhouse to use a gift card (Thanks Eric and Jess!!). I wish I could say I only ate half my steak and fries, but I ate all of it. Did I mention it was late and I was starved? I still kept my calories to 1500 despite this big meal and I never felt uncomfortably stuffed so lets call it a win. Also? Worth it. 

Wednesday was pizza with friends and watching the Manchester United game. Garth was crazy during this game because, as he says, "Man U did the impossible!" They had to score 3 goals and not let the other team score any goals. And they did it! I had one happy South African. 

Thursday night we had chicken stir fry and I ate too much of it and felt really full and was really mad at myself about it. Tonight we are having Chicken Cesar Salad with some french onion soup. It's gonna be good. And I'm going to take a good walk tonight after dinner and weigh in again next week.

So that was our week. Definitely not the healthiest by any means. But I tried to really watch my portions and just listen to my body. The results? I maintained. I mean, I shouldn't be surprised. I ate too much the night before the weigh in and too much take out in general this week. I'm trying not to beat myself up about it and hope to see a loss tomorrow morning. This will just push me to prepare better next week, and eat cleaner. I also really need to watch my carbs. Per your advice, I tried to keep them to 20% but that was so hard. Last week I kept them at 40%, but this week was more like 57%. YIKES. I still got this. Nothing easy comes without a fight! This didn't work so I need to adjust and keep on going. 

How are you guys doing? How do you pick yourself up and move on after a bad week?

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Anonymous said...

I get really down when I have an off week, but somehow my past two weeks have been really good. Then again, I was super sick last week and I KNOW that made a big difference, since my appetite was way down (SO not normal for this food-loving girl). BUT it does always push me to want it more and sacrifice more when I have an off couple of days. So there you have it! Motivation!

Way to go, girl!