Friday, January 31, 2014

Fit Friday!

Yes, it's back. And better than ever! I want to focus more on sharing pictures of what I ate, my (new!) workouts, and results. I want to focus LESS on complaining and venting because as I looked back last year on these posts I did a lot of that. And I didn't see results and I think I know why now. I was so negative. It was like I had already given up. I was so annoyed and frustrated with the fat funk I was in that I wouldn't let myself see beyond it. I was being controlled by my fear of failure and I did fail. 

I didn't get to my goal at 30 and I didn't get to my goal by California. If I'm being really honest, I gained the whole 8 pounds back that I had lost last year. But. But! I learned from it. I am a generally optimistic person, but I was consumed with negative thoughts and crippled by my past failures to see the positive. To embrace that I could get to my goal weight. It truly is a mind game and I'm ready to embrace the positive. Work hard. Take captive the negative thoughts and lose the weight once and for all. Lets get started!

I have started a new work out regimen and I think it's going to kick my butt (in the best way possible!

My eats this week have included quite the variety lately which is good. I needed a change from the usual foods. 

I even sat down and spent time meal planning again. I haven't done this in forever, but it really is key. Especially crock pot cooking. If dinner is already ready when we get home it completely eliminates any temptation to go out or get take-out.

This is my new recipe for next week that I"m excited to try. I'll let you know how it is!

This week I wasn't as prepared so we did get take-out tofu pad thai, but I didn't eat it all! I portioned out a cup and enjoyed leftovers. Progress!

Garth and I went out to lunch to celebrate his birthday and we were both craving sushi something major. It really hit the spot!

Besides leftover pad thai our dinners have consisted of Albie's Beef Pasties and tuna melts. Boring, I know. Hence why I meal planned for next week, ha!

My snacks have been less boring. How fun are caramel macchiato almonds?! They are really good.

I am not the biggest fan of winter, but I do love clementines this time of year! YUM.

I have also been loving oatmeal again. I don't think I have had it since last January so it was definitely time! Also? The cinnamon swirl flavor is just the best. I know I need to start making it from scratch, but for now the instant is doing the trick.

How are you guys doing? Any other Insanity fans out there?


Linnea said...

Yay for a positive outlook and getting back on track. The holidays were rough and I recently went on vacation too. I'm trying to get back in my routine as well. I gained a few lbs back that I lost. We can do it!!

Lauren said...

I think a positive outlook makes all the difference in the world!

And speaking of oatmeal...there was a Pinterest pin floating around about how to make your own "instant" bags out of regular oats. It looked like a great idea with a lot less expense!

Rebecca Jo said...

I love Shaun T... he's a tough trainer! ... was totally surprised to find out this week about his marriage to his husband. That one threw me for a loop. But, his husband does the work out videos with him. A fit family :)

Renise said...

I love Shaun T and Insanity is an incredible workout! My crockpot has saved me more than a few times these past few weeks! Nothing like having to only fix a quick veggie and grab the plates. Enjoy Insanity! And those "instant" bags of oatmeal on Pinterest Lauren mentioned are awesome! Fix a few on Sunday and you're good to go for the week! Enjoy your week!

jrh0906 said...

I just blogged about a 10 day cleanse I tried. I simply tried it to make me eat "more clean" and I have definitely learned a lot. Good luck with your weight loss journey!

Anonymous said... - Read it, learn it, love it, do it.