Friday, November 22, 2013

Fit Friday!

Life is still moving at lightning pace. Life is busy and our nights have been jam packed. I didn't even get to host my annual Friendsgiving this year, which bums me out. But it would have been more of a stress to try and squeeze it in so it was for the best. There is always next year. This is just a season and there is an end in sight. I’m dreaming of a relaxing December. To cook and meal plan again! Where every night is not a rush to get somewhere. It is all good stuff so I’m not complaining. It just makes meal planning and eating healthier a bit trickier.

 The stats this week:

Pounds Lost: 0 pounds
To Go:  37

Well that is a little disappointing; especially considering I weighed in Monday afternoon at the doctor’s office fully clothed maintaining my weight loss from last week. I was sure I would lose by Friday. The funny thing about it is my clothes are not so tight. Baggy even. Garth is noticing. I’m noticing. My clothes fit me better. My tummy is tighter. Legs leaner. So maybe the scale isn’t reflecting it yet, maybe it still needs to catch up. But I’m noticing a difference.

Here are my workouts for the week:

Sunday – Rest
Monday – 3.5 mile walk
Tuesday – 3.5 mile walk
Wednesday – 3.5 mile walk
Thursday – 3.5 mile walk
Friday – 3.5 mile walk
Saturday – Ripped in 30

We will be in an area today with a Trader Joe’s and I have saved up all our grocery shopping for this trip. Our fridge has been pretty bare because I plan to stock up today! I cannot wait to stock up on some favorites and do some cooking this weekend! Our dinners this week have not been exciting due to the barren fridge. Repetitive even. Monday we were out for my doctor appointment so we stopped at Outback Steakhouse for a nice little date night. I had the steak and veggies.  My mom brought dinner over Tuesday night and it was amazing. I haven’t had her lasagna in forever and so it was such a treat. She was so gracious and left the leftovers for us and we have been eating it for dinner every night since. The gift a meal is truly priceless! I think tonight’s meal will be something from Trader Joe’s.

How are you all doing?

Do you have any Trader Joe favorites I should try?

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The Pink Growl said...

You got this girl! Sometimes it can take a little bit for the ball to get rolling, but then once it does it's allllll downhill.