Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Three Weeks In

We went away this past weekend with friends and had a blast, but more on that tomorrow. We boarded Manny while we were away and were surprised by how much we missed the little guy.

We have only had him for three weeks, but he is part of the family. We found ourselves saying "Manny would love this!" a lot this weekend. I'm not gonna lie, it was nice not having to watch him every second or take him out at night, but we missed having him in our care. We saw a chocolate lab on vacation and I almost burst into tears because it made me miss Manny even more.

The hardest part was coming home Sunday night and not being able to pick him up yet (boarding was already closed). The WORST part was we drove by where he was staying and I wanted to break in and get my baby! Being home without Manny was the absolute worst. I just kept expecting him to be behind me or jump up into my lap. I kept waiting to hear his little feet on the hardwood. His kennel was empty and it nearly broke my heart. Monday was the longest day ever and I just wanted to go get him.

The end of the day finally came and Manny was happy to see us. He was tired and a little disoriented, but good. He had a great report card from the kennel which made me a proud mamma. He was back to his cuddly self after a bath and some playtime. Thank goodness. He has only been in our lives for three weeks, but I just cannot imagine life without him.


Lauren said...

Aww...poor baby! I'm sure he missed his momma & daddy!

Melissa said...

Glad you all had a great weekend!

That boarding report card may be the sweetest thing ever! I truly LOL-ed at a couple of the options. "I was talkative" "I tried to eat my bed" hahahaha!