Thursday, October 17, 2013

A Traverse City Weekend: Days 2 and 3

Saturday morning we slept in and it was glorious. Garth made us all coffee and we sat on the balcony to drink it.

After that the boys made us bacon and eggs for breakfast. Deliciousness! 

With our bellies full we got ready for the day and headed to the The Village at Grand Traverse Commons to do some window shopping.

The building is absolutely stunning. It used to be an insane asylum which is a little creepy, but they did such a great job renovating it. 

After some leisurely shopping we headed downtown Traverse City, grabbed coffee at Espresso Bay and walked around town and did some more window shopping.

By now it was around 3:00 and we were tired so we headed back to the condo and made sandwiches for lunch and watched some football. 

After lunch we headed out to the balcony and played cards and hung out. Megan and Mike had their half marathon the next morning so our afternoon/evening was really low key. We watched more football and around 7:30 we made spaghetti for dinner. The night included the boys watching The Tigers and the girls reading books. I love nights like that. That is a typical Saturday night for us at home too. I love that Megan and Mike are so similar and like nights like that too.

Sunday was race day! Garth woke up at 6:00 to take Megan and Mike to the start and let me sleep. Bless his sweet heart. I woke up at 8:00 and drank coffee and ate a bagel on the balcony with Garth and we prayed for Megan and Mike and talked about our favorite parts of the trip so far. 

After that we got ready to go cheer for them at the finish line!

I've said it before and I'll say it again. I love cheering at these types of events. It is so much fun for me. 

Megan and Mike did so great. We were so proud of them! Megan had hurt her knee during training so we were worried about her, but she rocked it out with almost no knee pain.

I guess last year it poured the entire race, but this year we lucked out with cool, sunny temps. 

Such a fun experience. I'm so glad we got to be a part of it! Afterwards we went back to the condo (thank goodness for late check out!) because all Megan and Mike wanted to do was take a shower. We packed up and had a victory beer on the balcony and talked.

We ended our little mini-getaway with a good lunch at Harringtons by the Bay. The food was pretty good, but we were a little disappointed in the very limited lunch menu with almost nothing from the online menu. But it was still a lot of fun with a gorgeous view of the bay. A perfect way to end a perfect weekend. It went by too fast!


Rachel said...

That sounds like a great trip! We went to traverse city for our anniversary last year, but I feel like we didn't get to see that much!

The Pink Growl said...

How fun!!! I love the lake pics!

Anne said...

ahem... I think you mean 'mental hospital' lol, just had to tease you since I just did my mental health rotation :) looks like a great time! glad your friends were able to finish!