Tuesday, August 13, 2013

"How to Bake a Perfect Life" Book Review

I love to read. LOVE. In the midst of leading two small groups, walking on lunch, reading magazines, and other shenanigans I had stopped reading novels this past year. That is just sad to me. I decided to do something about it. I did some research and created a list of books I planned to read this year. Nothing like a "To Do" list of books to read to get me started!

First up: How to Bake a Perfect Life by Barbara O'Neal. 

I adored this book. I love a book that can suck you into its world. Get you invested in the characters. This book did exactly that. I couldn't put it down. I wanted to bake bread. I wanted to live in the Old Victorian house and garden. O'Neal painted such a beautiful picture of the characters and the area that I could imagine it. Imagine the characters. Imagine the area. 

O'Neal's writing is so beautiful and descriptive. I wish I could write like her. She described the sunlight as lemonade. That is just brilliant to me. She described scents that weren't even something you smell, but I understood what she meant. I definitely want to read more of her books. 

This was a heartfelt book with great messages and relate-able characters. I kinda got sad when I only had a few pages left. I didn't want it to end which is a rare find and a true ingredient in a good book. I would highly recommend this book. I hope my next book is just as good! Though I'm sure Garth would hope otherwise. I was not very social this weekend with my nose in this book, ha!

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