Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Wedding Wednesday

Today I want to celebrate marriage and the couples that you look up to. For me, that is my parents' marriage. They are each other's best friend. They are soul mates. They crack each other up. They hold hands. They go for walks after dinner. They raised three great kids (in my humble opinion). They love to vacation together. They are great parents. They are celebrating 32 years of wedding bliss tomorrow.

In a lot of ways, I see similarities in my marriage. We love vacationing together, walking together, just spending time together. They eat dinner together every night. 

My parents' even took ballroom dancing classes. How cute is that?! 

So thank you mom and dad. For showing me what a happy, healthy, God-centered relationship looks like. For putting each other first so I could live with the comfort of knowing that you would never divorce. For being role models on servant hood, sacrifice and kindness. You taught me to fight to resolve, to love unconditionally, to always be kind, and no matter what, to always forgive. Thank you for that. Happy 32nd!

What marriage do you look up to? Why?

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Renise said...

I love this! Happy Anniversary to your parents! I know very few couples who have been married longer than 10 years. I'd say more but I'm exhausted and afraid it would turn into a novella! Hugs!