Thursday, May 16, 2013

Life Lately...

 All my fave shows have been cancelled!! Guys with Kids, The New Normal, CSI: NY, Go On, Whitney and The Office. These were such good shows. Help! What should we watch now?


We have the space all ready to start our garden. The cold weather should be gone by this coming weekend so we plan to plant then. We are thinking tomatoes, lettuce, peppers, and cucumber. I hear these are all pretty easy to grow. If I'm wrong or you know of one I'm missing that would be easy let me know. Thanks!


We went to dinner with a co-worker and his wife Wednesday night and had a great time. They are foster parents so it was fun to hear about their experience so far. Also, they are raising chicks and they are the cutest little things I have ever seen.

Right? And then they opened their freezer and told us last year's chickens were in there. I figured it was frozen eggs. I was wrong. These little guys are going to be dead meat. Literally. My heart sank. I may become a vegetarian now...


Last night we also met their German Shepherd, Cruiser. He is the sweetest dog I ever met and he is huge, but thinks he is a lap dog. He just crawled right onto Garth's lap! Hilarious.


The weather is back to sunny and 70s which means my favorite skirt is back in the rotation for these summer months. Seriously. The best $10 I ever spent. It is the most comfortable piece of clothing I own.


I saw a horrible accident on my ride home Monday night. A semi truck was on fire and the whole highway was shut down for miles. Then I saw an accident Tuesday morning. Tuesday evening on my commute home and Wednesday morning. What is going on?! It is just so sad and it has made me a much more cautious driver.


I went to Salvation Army yesterday on lunch and bought The South Beach Diet and am ready to jump in full force! 13 pounds lost in 2 weeks? Sign. Me. Up. I also bought a book about women, God and food. It is interesting, but a little too much psycho babble and not enough on God. I won't recommend it just yet. 


My brother will be in town from Chicago this weekend so it will be fun to see him and hang out with the family. 


The Pink Growl said...

Oh I am SO SAD about The Office!! I will be a sobbing mess tonight I'm sure!

Rebecca Jo said...

THAT's exactly why I'm a vegetarian!!! It drives me insane when I see people have their kids in 4H raising goats & pigs - to sell to slaughter!! Really!!? To me, that's horrible. Get attached to your animal kids - then let's eat him. WHAT?

I'm so upset about Go On & The New Normal myself :( I thought they were doing good in ratings too

Lauren said...

We always end up watching shows that get cancelled...which always makes me think we have HORRIBLE taste in TV!

Anne said...

what was the book? My women's small group is about to do Made to Crave, I'll let you know if it's good! My 2 cents on the chickens is that the meat they're eating they know 100% they were humanely raised, free-range, organic, what have you- and not the kind of terrible life of a chicken from a 1x1 foot cell in a factory. Yes, they still die, but as my mom always would tell me when I was a vegetarian that God gave us animals to eat. I think most people who raise animals for food go in thinking of them as food and not ever as pets in the first place. That's my experience at least. And all those fresh eggs! :)