Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Life Update

I can't believe I haven't shown you guys this yet, but for Garth's birthday I surprised him with this decal for the man cave:

Doesn't it look awesome? Like it was made for this spot? I think so!


Spring in Michigan is a magical time. I love when the sun is shining and the snow melts and the temps near 60 degrees. We drive with our windows down. Wear sandals. Break out the grill and the bonfire pit! That is just how we roll in Michigan and I love it. It felt so good to be outside all weekend after a long, cold winter. We ran outside and we made our first bonfire of the year:


So Garth got me this rose plant for Valentine's Day and I am happy to report it is still going strong a month later. That is progress! 

I'm feeling so inspired with my new found green thumb that we are going to plant our own little vegetable garden this year.


We are t-minus two weeks to the 5k. EEK! I can't believe how fast it is coming, but the30 miles in 30 days plan is really helping. Running 3 miles on Saturday was easier, but I ... er ... Garth pushed me harder so it was hard at the same time. I wasn't dying at the end and even felt good enough to clean the whole house afterwards! 


The Rest is Still Unwritten said...

That decal is awesome! Perfect for that spot, you are so right!

We had roses at our old house...I actually hated them. They were absolutely beautiful so incredibly high maintenace. I never thought about trying a plant rather than enourmous bushes...

Kate said...

That decal would look even better if it said Arsenal ;) No but it does look good in that spot!

Alphabet Soup Momma said...

Love the MU sign! My hubby loves Manchester United too! He started playing in a soccer league a few years ago and has been addicted since!