Friday, March 15, 2013

Fit Friday: Operation 40

This is how I feel about running:


But in all honesty, I am making progress. Running is getting easier the more I do it. I could run a mile without stopping right out of the gate thanks to P90X and Jillian Michael videos so I can't be that out of shape, right? But I can push myself for more than a mile so it's progressing. But I still hate it. I hate running. Actually, it makes me appreciate work out videos so much more now. They are hard, but way more fun than running. Did I mention I hate running?

I'm quite mean to Garth when we are running. I need silence or music to get me through it and when he pushes me to go further I snap at him or give him a glare. Probably not great for our relationship. But after the run? I'm so thankful he ran with me and that he pushed me to go further. But in that moment as we go up a hill and he is telling me he knows I have it in me to keep going. Hate it. 

I ran alone Monday and I was going up the hardest hill and a little boy was biking the opposite direction and cheerfully greeted me. It took all my strength to muster up a smile and a hello. I had to remind myself not to take it out on an innocent child. THAT IS HOW MUCH I HATE RUNNING. But I keep on it because I'm not a quitter... and the 5k is next Saturday. Ahhh!

End rant. This week was busy and we never went grocery shopping for the meals I had planned so it was a lot of improvising - Lean Cuisines, Black Bean and Avocado Bowl, Subway and sushi. Not the greatest, but not the worst. I am obsessed with eating 2 Eggo Granola Chocolate Chip waffles with a hard boiled egg for breakfast. Lunches have been Laughing Cow Cheese, turkey and lettuce on a whole wheat bagel thin. For snack I usually have an apple and string cheese in the morning and a Kashi Almond Flax Bar or almonds in the afternoon. 

My workouts for strength days have been Levels 3 and 4 in Jillian Michael's Ripped in 30. Holy smokes they are extremely hard! I forgot how hard they were. No wonder I stopped doing the video a year ago. INTENSE!

The stats this week:
Pounds Lost: 0 lbs
Pounds to Go: 36 lbs

That's right. I maintained and I'm mad about it. To be completely transparent, I broke down. I just started sobbing. Why is it so hard? I am running. I'm working out. I'm eating healthy and counting every calorie. Why is the scale not reflecting that? I"m sick of half my clothes not fitting. I'm sick of my wedding rings being so tight. I'm sick of it.

Anyways, I don't want to dwell on it. It's not a sprint, but a marathon. I'm clinging to the small changes. My pants are starting to get a bit looser. My face is a bit thinner. I just need to keep on keeping on.

Garth and I grocery shopped last night so we were well prepared for this weekend and next week. Healthy, homemade meals are planned out. Runs and workouts are planned. I will get there. I will.

How are you guys doing?


Rebecca Jo said...

Oh girl... I can relate so much here. I run about 15-20 miles a week & STILL fight with my weight. Dont understand it. Even had someone say to me "How are you not loosing weight with the miles you run every week?"... yeah - thanks for that back handed comment :(

I'm the same too when my hubs runs with me. I tell him to leave me along & dont talk to me.. I need my music to move my legs. I'll give him the evil glare too... but thankful he was by my side in the end :)

So see - you're normal & a real runner :)

Jess said...

Chin up! You are doing great!

Also? I hate running that much, too.

Anonymous said...

Honestly, it's your eating. Chocolate chip waffles? Laughing cow cheese? You don't even have to refrigerate that stuff! It's not real's all processed. I get what you want to lose weight but I don't see any true desire to change what you are doing. You are doing the same thing over and over and over again hoping for a different result. I had high hopes for your clean eating challenge and that didn't even last. You probably would be down at least 10 pounds by now if you just dug your heels in and stuck with it. Focus on REAL change and you'll probably see results.

I'm sorry if this came across harsh, but maybe a little toughness will help you move forward with your goals. Stop eating processed food!!!!

Linnea said...
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Linnea said...

You are doing great! It's a tough process. Don't listen to the anonymous blogger above. Millions of people successfully lose weight eating processed foods some of the time. You don't have to "eat clean" all of the time. It's calories in calories out. As someone with a Master's Degree in Health Promotion I know these things. The anonymous blogger who doesn't have the balls to say who they are is just harsh and rude and probably one of those extreme foodies. Their way isn't the only way. Keep up the great work.

The Kinards! said...

Keep your head up...try no to be a slave to the scale, as I like to tell my challengers :) focus more on the GOOD things you did, how your clothes are fitting. The scale is affected by too many things: soreness after a workout adds to the scale...water weight, bloating from period, etc! Are you measuring? Inches lost are better than lbs lost, anyway :) you got this, girl!! Love following your journey! Email me (we've emailed when you were doing p90x) if you need to chat! would love to help anyway I can, even if just some encouraging is needed! Have a great weekend! :)

Anne said...

Awww, Lindsey, I'm so sorry you felt so bad! you are doing such a great job with your eating and exercising. And I love how committed you are to running even though you hate it! :) that is perseverance and dedication, and it's bound to pay off. Hopefully soon!