Friday, February 15, 2013

Five Years of Marriage: Tomorrow!

Five years ago tomorrow I said "I do." It was the best thing I ever did.

He is my best friend.

My love. My protector. My biggest fan.

He is my cuddle bug. My boo. My  baby love.

He is my lobster. Happy 5th! I love growing old with you!


Anne said...

Happy anniversary Garth and Lindsey! You guys are such a great match and example of a wonderful, Godly marriage, that demonstrates that marriage takes work- but is worth it!! Hope you have such a joyous day together.

Renise said...

LOVE that you said "he is my lobster"! That's something I told my husband right before we got married but he didn't get it :-) He does now! He likes to say I'm the Pam to his Jim (he's a serious Office fan!) Congratulations on celebrating your 5th year! Your blog has been such a blessing to me as I started reading it shortly after I got married and your Wedding Wednesday's are amazing and have inspired some conversations between hubs and I! Thank you for sharing!