Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Random Musings

1. The temperature was -2 when I got in my car this morning and when I pulled into work it was -4 with a windchill of -15. Brrrr! It is one of those bitter cold days that just take your breath away.

2. This past weekend was super low key. Garth and I were both getting over bad colds (but not the flu, thank goodness!) so we laid low and slept it off. It was very relaxing. I caught up on CSI, Top Chef and drank lots of green tea.

3. Last night we continued our tradition of thai food and champagne and our annual photo by the fireplace. I can't believe we have been in this house two years already. Good times.

4. Garth and I watched The Watch this weekend. Stupidest. Movie. Ever.

5. Friday is Garth's birthday. I totally slacked on his 30th yesterday and felt horrible. We both ended up having the flu on his birthday. This year! This year I am in it to win it. But Garth reads my blog so I will share my big plans next week. But he is gonna love it!

6. I prepped Mexican Casserole last night since Garth was working late and sliced my finger real good trying to cut an onion. I will never be able to chop an onion or any vegetable for that matter. Garth has tried to teach me a zillion times but I just cannot do it.

7. Garth and I went running together Saturday morning and I did pretty good. Ran the first mile without stopping! Felt like I was going to die and now that it is so cold, I'm not signing up for the half marathon. No thank you.


Anne said...

brrr!! I would not want to be out there running, no way! sorry about your finger! I have had several close calls that ended up slicing through some fingernail instead, wheew! :)

Aishlea said...

WOW! That is COLD!!! It is in the 30's here and that is freezing to me!

Crystal said...

Yeah running in that kind of cold weather doesn't sound fun at all! I can see why you want to pass on doing a half-marathon. There's definitely plenty other ones to choose from down the road.

Sarah said...

Yeah I hear you on the cold. It was -10 this morning with a -27 windchill when I woke up. You think I can just call into work saying it's too cold? :)