Friday, December 14, 2012

Fit Friday!

It is back and better than ever or something like. It is hard to watch what you eat during the holidays. There is always food in the kitchen at work. There are holiday parties filled with delicious food. There are dark mornings that make it super hard to get out of bed. But I push forward because I'm sick of not losing. I'm sick of where I'm at and want to get healthy and back to my goal weight. Depsite the distractions and the darkness...

My routine has looked like this:

Sunday - Rest
Saturday - Run with Garth (2 to 3 miles)
Monday - P90X Plyo (first 30 min)
Tuesday - P90X Plyo (last 30 min)
Wednesday - 30 min on treadmill
Thursday - P90X Cardio X
Friday - P90X Core Synergetics

I really like that rountine and have kept up with it for the last three weeks. I did switch it up one day this week when I was short on time and did The Shred and I was so sore!

I have logged every single bite of what I eat on My Fitness Pal. I got Garth on that app as well and he is just as obsessed. It is quite alarming to see how many carbs I eat and for Garth it was too much sugar and fat. It is a great tool to learn what you need to be eating more of and monitoring.

How are you guys doing? What is your fitness plan looking like these days?

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Anne said...

Hey- I just saw on the news last night that people who use those weight loss apps are more likely to lose weight, so good job! Keep it up :) you are so good Lindsey, I've been so bad about blowing it off lately. But I know it makes me feel so much better! I've just got to get my lazy butt out of bed!