Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Thanksgiving Day

The day was everything I wanted it to be. Family, love, laughter, good food, memories made. It didn't matter if the day wasn't perfect. It didn't matter that I forgot to make the place cards. I was in the moment with the people I loved most. That was what I prayed for that day and if you know me at all, I can be a high strung host that strives to have everything done perfectly. But on Thanksgiving it didn't matter. If I forgot the place cards. Or the oven took longer than expected to pre-heat. It didn't matter. I was with those I loved talking, laughing, eating, enjoying each other's company. That was what I wanted and that is what the day was about and for that I am thankful. I can't help but look back and smile at the memories of the day.

We cooked in the kitchen together.

We had quality time with my grandma and my brother who was in town from Chicago.

The boys played football in the front yard.

Then we gathered around the table for our feast.

There were rolls, raspberry vinaigrette salad, macaroni and cheese, mom's cheesy potatoes, pumpkin pie, and turkey.

Yum! And yes, I used paper plates and napkins. Mrs. Jonas would be appalled, but it was perfectly simple and well, perfect for this host.

Because the people around the table were what mattered most to me. We were all together. Under one roof. It was a wonderful memory that I loved so much. I'm most thankful for all of them. For making me who I am today. For enriching my life. Making me better. Supporting and loving. Encouraging. And making me laugh. I hope your Thanksgiving was just as beautiful!


Kenya @ Life with Giggles said...

Paper plates = easy cleanup = more time to spend with family.
That's the way I look at it. :)

Shanny said...

It looks like you hosted a great first Thanksgiving Dinner! and paper plates? fantastic! More time with the family ;)

Lauren said...

Perfect day!!!! :)

Mrs EyeCanSee said...

So glad you didn't let the small things ruin your day!

Sounds like it was just perfect!

Elizabeth said...

I pulled out my china (we only use 2-3 times a year) but then again, it was only the two of us & Addison. But when I hosted a big family Thanksgiving a few years ago, Chinet was my best friend. :)