Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Ten for Tuesday

1. My coworker sent me this. You must click that link because it will make you laugh out loud. I promise. I think I watched the elevator clip for ten minutes. Hilarious.

2. Garth and I ran 2.5 miles on Saturday morning and I was so impressed that I was able to do it without stopping (or puking though I felt like I was going to afterwards). I guess the cardio and plyo has been paying off because I felt good and strong on my run, though it def got hard at the end. I'm looking forward to running again soon!

3. I did some last minute shopping for Thanksgiving Saturday morning and scored some sweet deals on Thanksgiving decor. I can't believe a week before Thanksgiving it is hard to find ANY Thanksgiving items. And when I did they were in the back of the store on clearance and overpicked. Oh well, I love this wreath and am officially loving having a wreath on the door. Now I need to find a Christmas wreath, a spring wreath, etc because I will never let my front door be naked again!

4. I do not recommend Campaign. It was vulgar and not funny. Also, I cannot stand when every other word is a cuss word. It drives me crazy. I think we lasted about ten minutes and then gave up on this movie.

5. I do recommend Brave. It wasn't AS good as I expected it to be, but it was worth watching and had a great message.

6. I'm not stressed out for Thanksgiving. I'm just really excited. I feel prepared. Garth and I did quite a few projects (inside and outside) in preparation over the last few weekends. Nothing like an event at your house to get you motivated to tackle those house projects. We caulked (finally!), replaced a few light bulbs in the basement, raked and burned the leaves, mowed, cleaned up the downstairs patio, trimmed the rose bushes, cleaned out the closets and grocery shopped.

7. Monday night we did laundry and cleaned the upstairs. Tonight we are cleaning the main level and Wednesday we are making the appetizers, cleaning the basement, and setting the table. That will just leave preparing the turkey Thursday, warming up the apps and sides and lighting the candles.

8. During a busy week full of prep work I want dinner meals to be as easy as possible. That is why I made Salsa Chicken in the crock pot yesterday before work. It is seriously so easy, you guys. I even make it easier than the recipe above. It takes literally two minutes to make before heading out to work. I spray the crock pot with non-stick cooking spray, put two boneless skinless chicken breasts in, add two (to four depending on how much you love curry) teaspoons curry powder, add one jar 16 ounce salsa and turn the crock pot on low for nine hours. Easy, right?! I come home to the house smelling great. Make one bag of Minute Rice (whole grain) and serve. It's a favorite over here because it is so delicious and easy. We are having leftovers tonight.

9.Garth and I are reading Crazy Love and it is blowing our minds. I reccommend it to anyone who has not yet read it. I read it years ago, but am so glad I'm rereading it with Garth. It is such a good tool to re-evaluate my life and measure how I'm doing in my walk with God. It is not always an easy read and I found it very convicting at times, but worth it. It has led to some great discussions and changes in our lives for the better.

10. As if I don't have enough HGTV shows (Property Brothers, Love It or List It, House Hunters) to watch and love, I found another one I'm hooked too. House Hunters Renovation! It combines my love of House Hunters with Love it or List It. I love a good before and after any day. And some house hunting mixed in? Yes please!


Lauren said...

Love that wreath and Garth's face in that first pic cracks me up!!!

Kenya @ Life with Giggles said...

The wreath is so cute!!!!

Lauren said...

I heard that Campaign was terrible...definitely not watching it now.