Thursday, November 1, 2012

Random Musings

Last night we had some friends over for Halloween and we put our bonfire pit in the driveway and Garth bought these fire changers at Meijer that he put in our fire. It turns the fire a purple, green awesomeness:

It was seriously a hit. Everyone was asking how we were able to do that and the kids were just amazed. We were the talk of the neighborhood. Success! We didn't count this year but I'm sure we had over 200 kids because we ran out of all our candy, but it still wasn't even as big as last year. I am sure the weather (40 degrees and light rain) had something to do with it along with the I-96 shooter still on the loose. But overall, another successful Halloween in our neighborhood.

The best costume? There were a lot of great ones! Our neighbors rocked it out - mom was Lucy Lou Who, dad was The Lorax, their 4 year old was Dr. Seuss and their 2 year old twins were Thing 1 and Thing 2. I also saw some pretty adorable dinosaurs waddle up our driveway.

I’m getting sick so that is my excuse for another jumbled post of randoms in list form. Gotta love a good list. I sure do. Though I’m annoyed I’m getting sick again. I was sick a couple months ago and now again. I usually get sick like once a year so twice in a three month span is annoying. Everyone at work has been sick so I guess I was bound to catch it.

I’m drinking hot green tea as I type this and it is hitting the spot.

I am not the type of sick where I lose my appetite. Sad story. I love the perk to being sick and you aren’t hungry and you lose a couple pounds in the process without even trying. I still have my usual appetite, though I usually demand Panera Broccoli and Cheese Soup from Panera. I have been losing sleep because I can’t breathe. That is the WORST.

I’m also one of those annoying people that refuses to take medicine. I hate to take medicine and avoid it all cost. Poor Garth has to hear me complain about it and yet refuse any kind of cure for what ails me.
Wow, am I still talking about being sick? Sorry.

So I love take-out food a lot. I especially love trying new restaurants and that is exactly what we did the other day. Let me rewind for a second. We had a Chinese restaurant in our old city that we loved and never ventured elsewhere. Lately the food had been blah and getting more expensive not to mention it was out of the way to get it. The solution was no Chinese food for the last few months. Tragic! I love me some Chicken Lo Mein and Garth missed egg rolls. He is extremely picky when it comes to egg rolls and every new restaurant we would try just couldn’t cut it…

UNTIL this week. We were both craving Chinese food so I went to my Yelp app for recommendations. A restaurant in our own town mere miles from our home was getting 5 out of 5 stars from everyone. People from cities 45 minutes away were saying they would drive out here because the food was just that good.
It seemed almost too good to be true, actually. But we decided to give it a change. What did we have to lose? I know I’m being super dramatic, but whatevs. This was a big deal in our little world. The verdict? Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhmazing! Best Chinese food I ever had. The noodles were the most incredible little noodles I ever ate. The egg roll was crisp and fried to perfection. The water chestnuts were just the crunch and unexpected surprise that made the dish. And soooo cheap. Like dangerously cheap that we could seriously eat here every week.

It just makes me so stinkin’ happy when I find a little gem in my hometown. I will happily support their business because they make fresh, good quality food.

In other news, Garth and I rented Safety Not Guaranteed. We had seen that it was given good reviews on Rotten Tomatoes and the previews looked interesting so it was worth the $1 investment. It was so good! I really enjoyed it. A fun movie for sure. 


The Rest is Still Unwritten said...

OH wow!! I am SO jealous! We had two trick or treaters. And they were brother and sister, so does that coiunt as just one? :(

Café Moka said...

Great fire!!!

Erin Reissig said...

That is such a great idea! I'm going to steal that for next year. lol. I hate taking meds too! I'm into everything else. Soups, tea, essential oils, humidifiers. Anything but meds.

Adrienne said...

Love the fire girl!

I'm so sorry you're getting sick- I hope you feel completely better soon!