Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Life Update

My mom’s birthday is today. Happy Birthday mom! I love you to the moon and back! She is just so awesome and I’m so blessed to have a Godly woman in my life as a friend, mentor and mom. She rocks! Oh and she is pretty darn talented with cake decorating!

As sad as I am to see summer go, it is nice to have the cooler weather. I love seeing the fall decorations and I am obsessed with my fall scented candles. I want a fall wreath so badly and am on the hunt for a good deal for one.

There are so many little projects I want to do on the house right now that it is just overwhelming. I know Garth has been way too busy with the marathon training, but I’m excited for him to have free time again next month so we can tackle some of these projects.

I’m on Day 9 of P90X and I’m still loving it and I’m still sore. I’m tracking everything I eat on My Fitness Pal and discovered a love for Vanilla Whey Protein shakes. The hardest part of this whole lifestyle change is portion control. We went to a friends’ house last night for the Tigers game and Jets pizza. I love love love Jets pizza and could EASILY eat three slices and half the cheese bread. I had to control myself and realize I can be satisfied with one piece of pizza and two slices of cheese bread and a salad.

I recently read in a magazine that you burn 80 calories by drinking three cups of Green Tea a day so I’ve been drinking three cups of Green Tea everyd ay. It’s pretty easy to do since I gave up pop. I don’t even miss it. That, a protein shake, lots of water during my workouts and Lipton Brewed Iced Tea with dinner and I’m staying hydrated.

So we have been without cable for the last week. We do not like DISH network and were thinking about cancelling it anyway. Well, last Saturday. The very first day of football and a day Garth was so excited about the cable box went out. Of course. DISH wanted us to pay a warranty fee of $80 to have the cable box repaired or spend $80 to get a new box shipped. We said we wanted to cancel at that point and they just got even ruder with Garth about how we are on a two year plan when we know for a fact we are month to month now because we weren’t happy with the service when they asked us to renew. After much debating they finally cancelled our service free of charge. It ended up working out great. We have AT&T Uverse and love it. We combined it with our internet and are now saving $20 a month AND we have DVR now. How did I ever live without it?! I’m in love with taping all my shows and fast forwarding through commercials.

Our week without cable was fun though. We caught up on The Office Season 7 which I loved. We also tried out Game of Thrones. I hated it, Garth liked it but found it to be too violent. We also tried Breaking Bad because so many people raved about it. It was kinda interesting, but too violent and sad for me. I could take it or leave it. And halfway through the second season we got cable and I left it.


Jen Caputo said...

Happy Birthday Aunt Dianne!
I know what you mean about Jet's Pizza. We don't have it in Chicago, Detroit style pizza is the best!
I'm sorry you didn't like Game of Thrones! I'm obsessed with it. I'm reading the books too and am halfway through the 4th one. Breaking Bad is my other favorite show, we have friends over every Sunday to watch either Breaking Bad, Homeland, or Game of Thrones, depending on which is on. We make a different dessert each week (the only time I ever eat dessert). It's really fun and gives us something to look forward to each weekend!

The Pink Growl said...

I totally didn't see the need for DVR when we first got it. I complained about it. Now I have more shows that record than Skye and I don't think I could live without it!

The Rest is Still Unwritten said...

Yikes! You are hard core with the P90! I lasted like 4 days. And I love the DIY post a few posts back. Great tips!

And the DVR is so addicting! I didn't think we needed it either and now we record everything! Seriously, we have WAY too many shows!

TexanCouture said...

Happy Birthday to your mom! I'm currently obsessed with fall scents too.
We have U-verse and love it! I can not imagine life without DVR!