Thursday, August 9, 2012

Up North Weekend

Last weekend we had the privilege to go up north to our friends' cabin. You know those friends that you just instantly hit it off with and can really be yourself around? The quality people that keep you accountable and yet you can have such a blast together, crack jokes, and talk about anything? These are those kind of people. We met in small group a year ago and have developed an amazing relationship. My abs were literally hurting from laughing so much over the weekend. I love times like that.

The guys had to work so Angie and I left early Friday morning. We stopped at the outlets for some good shopping (more on that in another post) and then stopped after another hour of driving for lunch. We arrived at the cabin around 4:00 and it was sunny and 90 degrees so we unpacked, put on our bathing suits and grabbed our chairs and headed to the creek to sit in the water and read magazines and have girly time. It was perfection.

The boys arrived around 6:00 so we put some snacks together and sat on the deck and chatted. As it started to get dark the boys started a bonfire.

After the fire was going strong the boys serenaded us.

Saturday we slept in while the boys ran ten miles. We ate a quick breakfast and then headed to Smithville Landing to tube down the Manistee River. It was so much fun! We rented a tube and then this van takes you three miles up the river and drop you off and we get in our tubes, tie our tubes together with the cooler, and just float down the river. We packed sandwiches and stopped along the way to eat lunch and another time to get out and swim and cool down and one more time to watch these kids (and Geoff) jump off a cliff into the river. It was incredibly relaxing to float down the river for four hours, talk about life, play Truth or Dare, and people watch the other tubers. Glorious!

We stopped for ice cream and then got back to the cabin around 4:00. We grabbed our chairs and headed down to the creek again to sit in the water and hang out. At 6:00 we started dinner. We made steak, corn on the cob, and baked potato. We ate out on the deck and then the boys broke out the bb guns.

After a few rounds they came inside to play Taboo. Such a fun game and while Garth and I put up a good fight, we lost every time! We watched some Olympics and then went to bed.

Sunday we slept in and then the boys made a killer breakfast consisting of fried eggs on toast, bacon, cherries, and watermelon. Delicious!

After breakfast we were lazy and just laid around watching the Olympics. We packed up the cars, cleaned up the cabin and headed home in the early afternoon and just like that our relaxing, fun weekend up north had come to an end. But we left feeling rejuvenated and full of memories we would never forget.


Lauren said...

How fun!!!! PERFECTION!!!! :)

Jen Caputo said...

oh man, so jealous of the lazy river-ing. My all time favorite thing!!

Lauren said...

what a fun weekend! that tubing sounds like such a blast!

my in-laws just moved back to MO from Michigan & I'm definitely going to miss our trips Up's so beautiful up there!

LWLH said...

What a fun weekend. I wish we could have a bonfire where we live.