Friday, August 31, 2012

The Daily Grind

I absolutely adore this quote. ADORE. I also found it to be very convicting. It is just so darn easy to just go with the flow. To get lost in the mundane. To thrive on routine. I can definitely relate to thriving on a routine. Nothing comforts me more than knowing what to expect of the day. I find great pleasure in having a routine that I follow every day. In fact, I recently took a strengths test and one of my strengths was Discipline and the definition was Enjoying routine and structure. This is perfect because my job has a lot of routine in it. Pay invoices Thursday, follow-up on past due accounts Friday, etc. There is nothing wrong with that, except when I find myself just going with the motions.

Wake-up. Drink coffee and read devotional. Work out. Go to work. Drive home. Make Dinner. Do household chores. Repeat. That is how I find myself some days. Following that specific routine and waiting for the weekend. But Jesus didn’t die on a cross so I could live for my weekends. I’m pretty sure He wants me to live in EVERY single moment. To find ways I can love and serve someone. To spend quality time with my husband that doesn’t include watching television.

So often I see people weaving in and out of traffic cutting people off without any regard to anyone else. At the grocery store I see miserable people who clearly hate their job and working for their paycheck just getting by.

It is sad to me, really. God created us for so much more. Why am I not living out the outrageous, all-encompassing love that God pours on me daily? Why do I get stuck in the rut of following a routine? I need to spend more time truly LIVING. Watching the sunset, enjoying the miracle of a thunderstorm or a baby’s laugh. Creating fun and lasting memories with my husband. Truly investing in my devotional and living it out in everything I do and say.  Spending time in prayer truly reflecting on how amazing God is and how awesome and unfathomable his creation is.

How about you? Do you get lost in the routine and motions too? 


Korree said...

I love this post! Thank you so much for sharing it. I would love to post a link on my Facebook page, if that's alright, because, really, it's what our pastor says every single Sunday. That church is not just for Sunday and Wednesday. It's for every day.

Elizabeth said...

I am definitely a routine person too! In fact, this whole Hurricane Isaac has really thrown a wrench in our routine. We may not get power back til Sunday (praying for today) and just trying to figure everything out (with a 12 month old, no less) is stirring up quite a bit of anxiety. I know we have it so much better than most of our community & I need to remember that God is good. He has it under control!