Monday, June 25, 2012

Menu Monday

I am back to the grind of cooking. I actually did quite a bit of cooking this weekend and it felt good. I made Salsa Chicken on Friday and Mexican Bowls for lunch Saturday and Chicken Fajitas for dinner. Since setting my new fitness goals I have already lost two pounds. Garth's running schedule has become more intense and time consuming so it is perfect timing to start cooking healthy, but delicious, foods to fuel and energize him for those long runs.

Monday - Crock Pot Ziti
Tuesday - Grilled Flank Steak with brown rice and broccoli
Wednesday - Tuna Melts
Thursday - Grilled Chicken and Pepper Fajitas
Friday - Mexican Bowls (Brown rice, black beans and avocado)
Saturday - Leftovers
Sunday - Out

It is a relatively easy week taking advantage of grilling with the milder weather forecast. It is a good reminder that eating healthy doesn't have to be boring or difficult. What's on your menu?


Mrs. Newlywed Giggles said...

How about I just come over to your place? ;)

Aubrey said...

I made a big pasta salad yesterday to last for lunch and dinners throughout the week. I find it so difficult to shop/cook for just 2 and thought a cool, summery pasta salad would be the perfect go-to meal for us! :) ziti,peppers,purple onion, parmasean and a touch of raspberry dressing and voila!

Lauren said...

all sounds so delicious! i LOVE flank steak...unfortunately 95+ degree temps don't really make for very fun grilling weather!

Anne said...

let me know how that crock pot ziti turns out, sounds good!

Mrs EyeCanSee said...

Your menu last week sounds divine! In my opinion, there's no such thing as too much Mexican!

Elizabeth said...

That all sounds so yummy! I'm going to have to try that crock pot ziti.

Naturally Caffeinated Family said...

mmm, it all sounds good! congrats on the two pounds, that's awesome!