Friday, June 8, 2012

Fit Friday

Since I weighed in last Friday, I took this week off. I'm trying to just weigh in every couple of weeks to prevent getting too obsessive. I have been working out every morning after coffee and my devotional and I love this routine I have established. I feel so good afterwards and ready to conquer the day. I'm really noticing the difference in my legs lately, they are looking more toned and slimmer.

As for meals, I love this time of year because all my favorite foods are in season. Corn, avocado, strawberries, peaches, plums, cherries, etc. My favorite part is the farmer's market in my town on Sundays and the routine Garth and I established. After church we head over and walk around and pick up our fruits and veggies and go out to lunch. I love Sundays.

I incorporated a lot of my yummy veggies into my dinners this week. On Monday we had Chicken Caesar Salad with Ken's Light Caesar dressing.
Tuesday we grilled flank steak with zucchini and oven-baked fries. I forgot to take a picture though, gah! And Wednesday we had corn on the cob, and hot dogs at small group and I didn't snap a picture either. Blog fail.

I was back on track Thursday and made veggie pizza and it was amazing. I did not follow the recipe exactly and it was still delicious, but I would add the cheese next time for Garth. This will definitely be in our weekly rotation from now on.

The best part? 3 out of 4 meals were eaten on the deck. I love the days of summer so much. How are you all doing? Any great summer recipes you recommend?


LWLH said...

I love chicken Caesar salads, one of my fave 'healthy' meals :)

Crystal said...

That veggies pizza looks delicious! I agree...eating dinners outside is the best.

Adrienne said...

Yum! Good job being healthy :)

Tip with the veggie pizza? Try putting it under the cheese- it will help the veggies stay in place. We'll also do the same pizza, but instead of pesto, put some olive oil/garlic on the dough, then veggies, then cheese. It's delish!

Nicole-Lynn said...

Your veggie pizza looks great! I love eating our meals out on our deck too, it's too nice out not to!