Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Wedding Wednesday

Garth and I were telling my family about a navigational mishap we had while driving over Easter weekend. Garth was driving us home from a friends’ house and I was in charge of navigating us. We were at a roundabout and I saw a sign for the freeway and told Garth to veer right… Well, I was wrong. We were on the freeway, alright. But we were now driving AWAY from our house and it was over a mile until we could turnaround again. Garth was frustrated. He wouldn’t talk to me the entire time we drove the opposite direction of our house.

We got to the turnaround again (finally!) and Garth asked me which way to go. There was no way I was making the mistake again so I told him I was not helping him. Well, he did the exact same thing I had told him to do previously and we were back on the dang freeway going the opposite way of our house… AGAIN. This time, it wasn’t my fault. Garth started laughing. He couldn’t believe he had done the very thing he was mad that I had done. We were even!

My parents, brother, and sister-in-law could all relate to this story. They all had their own stories of navigational mishaps while driving. We were all laughing really hard as we retold stories. In the moment though, it is stressful and frustrating, right? We all agreed that premarital counseling should involve navigating in a car together. Do you agree? Do you have quibbles while navigating?


Mrs. Newlywed Giggles said...

The hubs and I go through this too... but I think every couple does, whether married or not.
Fact of life. Glad you were able to laugh about it together though.

Lauren said...

ha! love this!

we've definitely had our fair share of "nothing to do but laugh at ourselves" moments!

Vanessa said...

YES! But I love that Garth laughed that he made the same mistake. My husband gets mad at me when we navigate, so that now he does the navigating all on his own! I think ALL couples are the same in this regard! On our recent holiday in Sicily my husband got so frustrated that we abandoned a planned day trip in the rental car 15 minutes in because navigating was becoming too stressful! And that was even with a Sat Nav!

Elizabeth said...

This kind of stuff happens to us too! We usually end up laughing at ourselves too.

LWLH said...

My hubs gets so mad when he messes up directions, he won't talk to me either when that happened.