Thursday, March 22, 2012

On My Mind

I dream of going to South Africa to see where Garth grew up. I want to tour the Capetown wineries and hike Table Mountain. BUT air fare is ridiculously expensive and it is a LONG flight. We toy with the idea of going for our five year anniversary, but it is just so expensive. Like $2,000 per person to fly, not including baggage fees or lodging. Insane! Then I saw this deal on Groupon and I want to go all over again. How cool would a safari be?!

We are in the market for a new patio set. I love this one but I also like the idea of this. Gah! I am so indecisive.

This is my dream porch:

I have been wearing flip flops for the last two weeks and it is incredible. I hope spring is here to stay.

I am obsessed with having rocking chairs on our front porch lately. I want to rock on them after work and watch the neighborhood and drink sweet tea. Even though I don't think I like sweet tea. I think it all ties in with my obsession with wishing I was from the South.

So true:


I asked my four year old neighbor his favorite song and he responded by singing and dancing "I'm sexy and I know it." I die.

We found this little guy in our backyard last weekend. Such a cutie!

Garth was watching a soccer game Saturday afternoon. I was sitting next to him reading. It was a normal Saturday spent relaxing. Then 23 year old Fabrice Muamba collapsed during the game of cardiac arrest. Paramedics were able to restart his heart and rush him to the hospital where he remains in critical condition. Twenty-three years old. In the best shape of your life and your heart fails like that. That isn't supposed to happen. I had never seen anything like it. The players were praying, the fans were crying, and the head ref abandoned the game. Muamba was able to breathe on his own yesterday. Thank God. I pray he continues to recover.

Garth and I have not drank pop in over a week. That is HUGE for us. We would drink at least two cups of diet pop every night with dinner. In an effort to drink more water, I started buy Crystal Light and we have not missed pop a bit.


Mrs. Newlywed Giggles said...

The hubs and I only drink water... so if you want to try something else other than Crystal Lite, try some of the Mio products. I love their berry pomegrante.

Crystal said...

I agree, mio is pretty tasty. My hubby loves it and he's diabetic so we have to watch his sugar intake. I am also obsessed with rocking chairs on my porch. Hoping to pick some up real soon!

Jen Caputo said...

our next really big trip is gonna be an African safari, probably next year as we're a little late in planning this year. It sounds like the best ones require hopping on small planes around the country so that you get to see everything - really expensive but once in a lifetime and worth saving up for I think.
I'm so jealous of your front porch, I so wish our house had one - I just feel like we wound know our neighbors better if we sat on the porch in the evenings as they walked by. Definitely get some rockers out there!

Mrs. Pedersen said...

I saw that African safari on Groupon. Looks amazin!

Kristin said...

Oh wow I think we have the same dream porch!

Café Moka said...

You are wearing flip flops right now?!?! I can't wait to wear mine!!! But it won't happen until June! Too cold and there will be snow until May!

My dream house will also have a front porch! It's so beautiful!

It,s great that you have stopped to drink pop during the week! Good for you! My boyfriend and I, we only drink pop sometimes on the weekend, it's a treat for us!

Adrienne said...

Traveling is so expensive and requires a lot of sacrifice and effort, but it's wonderful! You should go, someday :)I LOVE porches! And way to go on the soda transition! Love your thoughts :)

LWLH said...

Ahhhhh I would love to have that porch myself.

SIL said...

Your neighbors son sounds a lot like your neice. She also loves that song. She also misses you guys and talks about you both every day!!