Friday, February 17, 2012

Fit Friday!

Thank you all so much for your sweet anniversary wishes. We had a wonderful night out at one of my favorite restaurants in town. We had steak, red wine, lots of laughs and reminicing. After dinner we came home and Garth gave me the sweetest card. I am obsessed with cards. They mean so much to me and I just adored the card Garth got me. It was so me. We watched our wedding video and talked about our goals for the next year. It was perfection.

After a dinner out I was hesitant to get on the scale this morning but I had lost another pound. Slow and steady win the race so I'll take it! Thanks for all your support for Garth and his marathon traning. You guys all rock! He is exciting to share his progress with all of you. He has been running 3 to 4 times a week for 3 miles. Tomorrow he is going to do a 5 miler with the guys. I will do the Shred and make Chicken Enchilada Pasta while he is out.

I did not cook as much as usual this week. We had take-out on Valentine's Day and we went out yesterday. Wednesday we had small group over for pizza, but I did make enchiladas on Monday and tonight I'm making chicken tacos. I think the key was focusing on tracking everything I was eating and keeping it at 1500 calories. Portion control. Portion control. Portion control. It was key! I also made sure to walk an hour each day and I woke up early to weight lift a few times this week thanks to an awesome accountability partner. You know who you are and I am thankful for you!;)

I'm hoping next week will be even better than this week! I'm going to try some new recipes from the highly recommended Skinnytaste. I need to switch up the meals and my workouts next week so this site should help. As for workouts, I'm going to try doing this every morning and see how it goes:

Happy Friday! How are you all doing?


Café Moka said...

I also love receiving cards! It's important for me!

Yay for that pound! You go girl!

Elizabeth said...

skinnytaste is one of my go to sites for recipes. even my husband usually likes anything i make from there.

Crystal said...

From the looks of it, you did a great job with your exercise and portion control. Portion control is one of my biggest issues, it's just so easy to pile up the food without realizing how much you have. Good for you!

Glad you guys enjoyed such a wonderful anniversary. Good luck to Garth on his 5 mile run!