Tuesday, January 31, 2012

You know the saying "You make plans and God laughs?" My dad used to say that all the time. And it is so true. Garth's big 30th birthday was last week and I put all this pressure on myself to make it PERFECT.
First, I was going to plan a surprise party, but Garth had a hunch I was going to do that and begged me not to. So then Garth suggested that he wanted to get away so we took the time off work and started planning a vacation. The deals were not that great unless we went out of the country so we decided to hold off on the vacation and get our passports and plan something big later in the year.
We decided we would work on the basement. Garth wanted a lazy boy recliner so we started researching them. They are expensive! For an extra $300 you can have a whole new furniture set and free TV from ArtVan. So we nixed that idea and thought we would just have a staycation and work on the basement for his 30th.
Garth was happy with the staycation plan, but I was not. It wasn't big and grand and celebatory enough for a 30th birthday. I wanted it to be SUPER special. So I started researching vacations again. Our favorite hotels and b&bs were booked, leaving a few expensive, less ideal options so we nixed the idea.
I was not satisfied with the staycation, but I knew we would enjoy being home together for three full days without work. We would work on the basement man cave, go out to eat, explore cities we haven't been before and make the best of it.
I was even starting to look forward to our plans of a staycation. But then it happened. What you cannot plan for. The inevitable after planning and stressing over something. Garth got sick. On his 30th birthday. I thought it was a case of the man cold, but I took care of him. I did make him go out to a Japenese steakhouse with me and we had an amazing meal and great entertainment! He wanted to get home afterwards though and lay down. So after our delicious meal we rented movies and chilled out at home.
The next day I got sick. It was not a silly little cold, it was the gosh darn flu. And I'm still fighting it five days later. So we didn't do anything we had planned on doing. We were in our pajamas for the entire week and weekend. We did not leave. We did not cook. We did not go out of the house at all. Garth was feeling better by Friday and he took care of me while I slept. Jeez, I haven't been that sick in a long time and it stunk big time.
But I am thankful we didn't plan a vacation, that would have been a big waste of money! And though it wasn't what I had planned, it was a good lesson to me. Life doesn't always go as planned and that is just the kind of thing that makes life intereting. I know we will never forget Garth's 30th because we both had the flu and what a funny story that is!
And why stress so much on one darn day? I have this whole year to make Garth's 30th year special!


Kassandra said...

God does for us what we can not do for ourselfs.

Texan Couture said...

It still sounds like you two had a special time. Happy Birthday to Garth and I hope you guys start feeling better soon!

Anne said...

what a good attitude! and don't forget good old craigslist- I got my leather armchair for $100. (be careful about fabric though)... what are your big vaca ideas??

Adrienne said...

Love the great attitude about all this! I hope you're feeling better :)