Monday, December 5, 2011

Menu Monday

Garth and I are getting good at cooking every day. We only get take-out once a week now which is a huge improvement for us! Here is what is on the menu for this week:

Wednesday: Dinner with small group

Friday: Tacos

I'm telling ya, it was the best thing for us to move away from all our favorite restaurants. It has forced us to cook and now we enjoy cooking together. It's relaxing, enjoyable and we now prefer our home cooked meals to take-out! Who are we?!


Rebecca Bany said...

Moving away helped us with the same thing. We do try to go out to eat once a week. But even that doesn't always work out.

Lauren said...

we certainly love eating out, but a wonderful home-cooked meal just can't be beat! glad you're enjoying it!

Becca said...

I agree!! When we PCS'ed from GA to WA, the same happened for us. We ate out A LOT due to over worked and not enough hours to actually cook back there. Plus it was just easier because we had all our favorite eatery's just minutes from our house:) However, living here in WA we are kinda set away from all the take-out joints and I am now at home and not working (waiting on our little bundle to arrive in March.) So I have much more time to cook and love it! I too cook almost everynight with the exception of left over nights. It's a MUCH healthier way of living, that's for sure and SO MUCH cheaper. Your menu for the week sounds fab! Keep up the awesome effort!!!

Mrs. Pancakes said...

mmhm this looks so yummy!! the hubby loves home cooked meals so cooking definitely happens on this end too!

Tiffany said...

I love anything you can throw together in a crock pot! Chicken stew sounds delish!