Thursday, May 5, 2011


1. I had another follow-up eye appointment yesterday and it went well. I'm continuing to gain vision back and the doctor is so pleased with my progress.

2. We have our first small group tonight!

3. I played matchmaker this weekend and set up my friend, Claire, and my brother's friend, Tony. It was a success! They hit it off and plan to hang out together soon.

4. We tried MGD 64 calorie lemonade beer this past weekend and it was delicious. I'm not a big beer drinker, but this was sweet, refreshing, and light.

5. Garth celebrates three years at his job today. I'm so proud of him!

6. My one year at my new job is next month. Gosh, time flies when you're having fun!

7. Garth and I get to dog sit for my brother and SIL's sweet pup next month while they go away for their anniversary. We are pumped!

8. I cannot believe we go to Myrtle Beach in 2 and a half months. YAYAYA!!! I need to get into gear and lose 15 pounds by then. Please help me stay accountable!

9. We are sucked into Arrested Development. It just keeps getting funnier and funnier. It's just a bummer there are only 2.5 seasons and we are almost done.

10. Happy Cinco de Mayo friends!


Café Moka said...

Yay for gaining vision back!

You are so right, time flies so fast!!!

Have a great day girl!

Jules said...
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Jules said...

That is so great that your vision is coming back! Congrats to Garth on 3 years at his company and I can't believe you've been at your job for almost 1 year already.

We had MGD 64 Easter weekend and I loved it!

katie + bret said...

YES, MGD 64 isn't too shabby at all!! Happy Cinco de Mayo and happy 3 years for Garth! What a great thing to celebrate! xx

Jen Caputo said...

Yay Arrested Development! My all time favorite comedy. I think I've seen every episode 10 times. The more you watch them the funnier they get.
Sorry, but I gotta give you an Ewww! on that beer :P

Hnou Gonzalez said...

So glad your eye is doing better! & I am so jealous about your upcoming trip!!

P.S. loooooove Cooking Light so far! What recipes do you recommend from there?

Lil' Woman said...

Love Arrested's too bad it was so short.

Mrs EyeCanSee said...

As far as the super light beers go....I don't mind the MGD 64, it's pretty good!

And yay for better vision!

Lacey said...

Lemonade beer?? I may have to give that a try!

The Rest is Still Unwritten said...

Oooh! Have fun on your trip! Sounds like you have a lot going on right now, exciting!

Debbie said...

Gonna see if we have that beer yet here in the UK! And I'm trying to loose a similar amount of weight before our holiday so will be watching you closely for motivation...LOL!