Monday, April 18, 2011

Menu Monday.

Happy Monday! I am proud to tell you that Garth and I stuck to our menu last week (for the most part). Here is a review:
Monday: Salad with Lite Caesar Dressing, baked chicken, and roasted potatoes. This was delicious, quick, and easy!
Tuesday: Asparagus Whole-Wheat Pasta with Lemon Dressing. This did not happen because the asparagus I bought two days ago was already bad, booo. We threw in a Trader Joe spinach pie instead.
Wednesday: Chicken fajitas. We weren't in the mood for fajitas so we used the leftover chicken from Monday for Chicken Caesar Salad instead, yum!
Thursday: Easy Quiche with turkey sausage instead of ham. Winner! This was amazing and so easy. I'm all for a recipe that only uses one bowl to bake and one dish to cook. I think this will be part of our weekly rotation, it was THAT good. I used low fat cheese, egg whites, turkey sausage, and added onions.
Friday: Steak, mashed potatoes, and brussel sprouts. This was a bust. I couldn't find good steak at the store so we had mashed potatoes and edamame for dinner. Not our finest moment but delicious nonetheless.

Ok here is what we have going on this week:
Monday: Asparagus Whole-Wheat Pasta.
Tuesday: Baked chicken, edamame, and oven-roated potatoes.
Wednesday: Steak and brussel sprouts.
Thursday: Having dinner at a friend's house.
Friday: Tuna melt with baked chips.
What's on your menu this week?


Café Moka said...

I just posted my Menu Monday too!

Yay for stucking to your menu last week!

Jules said...

The Quiche sounds really god and that's awesome that you were able to stick with most of your planning.

Good luck with this week and tomorrow's dinner sounds so delicious!

Lauren said...

Mmm...that all sounds delish. And when it comes to menu planning, I'm all about being flexible...sometimes that's just how you have to do things!

Jen Caputo said...

Bummer about your asparagus, hope you find some better spears this week so you can tell us about the pasta!