Friday, November 5, 2010

Random Musings.

1. I am counting down the days until the long Thanksgiving weekend. Life has been so busy, I'm pumped for four beautiful days off!

2. Fall goes too darn fast. It's already November and I have not been to a cider mill yet. That should be a crime. We plan to remedy that soon and take Michelle. She must experience cider and donuts, no?

3. says there will be snow flurries today. SNOW FLURRIES. Are you kidding me? I am not ready for this.

4. I am addicted to Lie to Me. I went through the entire first season this week.

5. Garth and I going house hunting next week and I have my heart set on this adorable, remolded 1920s house. I really hope it looks as good as it does in the pictures because I want this house. It has hard wood floors and all those unique features old homes have. It is also walking distance to downtown which I love. It only has one bathroom, but I am willing to sacrafice that.

6. I went to the gala I used to plan when I worked there. It was fun seeing my co-workers again and miss event planning just a bit. I do not miss the stress of it though!

7. The family took Michelle to Burger King yesterday, but she calls it "Hamburger King."

8. This weekend we're taking Michelle out for Indian food. It is pretty similar to South African food and so delicious! I'm hooked.

9. Garth and I rented Toy Story 3 the other night and it was hilarious. I'm constantly telling Garth I like his ascot.

10. The lovely people from P.F. Chang's sent me this yummy Shrimp Lo Mein to try out and review.

It was super easy to make and pretty darn yummy as well. It was filling, warm, comfort food that was relatively healthy. The sodium is high, but the calories are low and the protein is high.

11. Make today great!


Anne said...

I haven't been to a cider mill yet this season either! And I heard about snow-sightings about 45 minutes from here, so I'm sure it'll be heading this direction before too long.

Hope you're having a *wonderful* time with Michelle! :)

Heather said...

Oh my goodness...I am a HUUUGE Lie to Fan! Best show ever. :)

What is Cider Mill? I feel like I'm missing out on something good...

Rebecca Jo said...

"Hamburger King" - cute!

I am totally addicted to "Lie to me" as well. I found it on Netflix & zoomed through the first season! I'm obsessed with watching people's faces now!

Brown Girl said...

snow flurries??? Are you serious...we are just NOW starting to cool down some!

Kate said...

Hi friend! I am so behind on blog reading! Its good to see that you are doing well!

I agree with you that fall goes by so fast! I just want to freeze time so I can take a second and enjoy it! {What exactly is a cider mill?}

That's crazy that you're getting snow! In California its in the 80s and sunny! I am definitely ready for some fall-like weather!

The Pink Chick said...

Good luck with the house hunting! Let us know how it goes!

I can't believe y'all are already having snow flurries. Just the talk of snow flurries here in Georgia and we shut down all the schools! :)

Marissa said...

Good luck on your house hunting!

Megan said...

We skipped fall in VA this year (booo!) and moved straight to winter --which I'm okay with, but I do adore fall!

Sounds like you're enjoying your time with Michelle-- :)

Have a great weekend!

Emily said...

good luck house hunting... and yay for snow flurries!! Im jealous!

Mrs.LifeAccounts said...

Sounds like you've been busy! I've yet to see Toy Story 3, but everyone's raved about it!

Ginette said...

Ok..that looks yummy. Thanks for sharing b-c I have been curious about trying it out. Much sodium content?