Friday, March 5, 2010

Operation Get Fit!

Hi friends, how did everyone do this week? I am totally bummed because I maintained again this week, LAME!!

Here are the stats:
Current Weight Loss: -20 lbs
Goal: 5 lbs to go!

I did really well working out this week. Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday I did an hour on the treadmill and Thursday and Friday I did level 2 of the Shred. I'm pretty sure the down fall for me was late night snacking on Cheez-Its twice this week. I don't know what it is, but I have been having intense cravings for those crackers lately. I know I have been saying this every week, but seriously next week I will see a loss. I just need to really get strict because I know the last five pounds are the hardest. I thought I would share some yummy sweet and healthy treats this week from one of my favorite sites, enjoy!

S'more Sandwich
1 sheet (4 crackers) low-fat honey graham crackers
1/4 cup cool whip free, thawed
1 tsp. mini semi-sweet chocolate chips
8 miniature marshmellows
In a small bowl, lightly stir together cool whip, chocolate chips, and marshmellows. Don't over stir.
Break graham cracker sheet into 2 squares. Place 1 square on a plate and top with cool whip mixture. Lightly place the other square on top.
Freeze until solid, about 1 hour. Store in the freezer until ready to stir.
1 serving
133 calories
2.5 g fat
11.5 g sugar
.5 g fiber

Red Hot Apple in a Cup
1 Medium Fuji apple, cored and cubed
12-15 pieces Red Hot Cinnamon candy
1/2 sheet (2 crackers) low-fat cinnamon graham crackers, crushed
2 Tbs. fat-free Reddi-Whip
Dash cinnamon
Place apple cubes in microwave cup and top with red hots. Cover and microwave for 2 minutes. Stir well. Microwave an additional 1 to 2 minutes, until cubes are soft.
Once cup is cool enough, mix contents well. Allow to cool for 10 minutes.
Top with half of crushed graham crackers followed by Reddi-Whip.
Sprinkle with remaining grahams and a little cinnamon.
1 serving
140 calories
.5 g fat
24.5 g sugar
3.5 g fiber


Anonymous said...

Hey Girl, you 're doing just fine and I'm sure you'll definitely see the loss next week! Something that really helped me was to substitute my dinner with a Protein Shake. I was able to lose the last 3 pounds and to maintain my ideal weight. It is just an idea... Thank you for sharing these healthy treats with us! Have a Blessed Day!!!

Sarah said...

Mmmmmmm S'mores!! I think I will be making those this weekend! =)

carrie1 said...

Oh.. how I wish I had the determination like you did to lose weight.. I keep talking about losig 20lbs, but that damn McD's is the devil!

Have you tried the Hot & Spicey Cheez-It's? Chris loves those.. they are kind of addicting.

(sorry not helping much with your snacking habit) =(

Minnesota Girl said...

yum! Thanks for the s'more recipe! I LOVE them!

Have a great weekend =)
Minnesota Girl

I'maNolaGirl said...

I've kind of stalled myself, but I just keep thinking "I can do this!" Love these recipes!!!

SassyEngineer said...

I actually just jumped back into being fit! I took a hiatus during the winter because I was too cold to work out. Luckily the damage wasn't too bad, and now the warmer weather is calling me outdoors! Those S'mores sound so yummy too :)

Mrs. Newlywed Giggles said...

I can't wait to try to the s'mores recipe!

Jen Caputo said...

We do our official weigh-ins for our office biggest loser contest every other friday and I was only down 1.5 over the last 2 weeks so I'm kinda bummed too. And I totally stepped up my workout routine this week too, my buns are burning!!! LOL....
That smores sandwich looks yummy!!!

Patience said...

The smores sounds delish. Next week will be the week.

Jules said...

At least you maintained and it sounds like you’ve been doing really well with your workouts! Love HG and that S’mores Sandwich sounds yummy.

pocket full of pink said...

YUM! These looks great! I love how you aren't discournaged - you will get those five pounds off in NO time! And in the mean time, know that you are still STUNNING!!!

pocket full of pink said...

Um. WOW. Look at how many words I mispelled! Do I always do that?! EEK! I need to pay more attention when I comment! :o)

pocket full of pink said...

AND I JUST DID IT AGAIN! MISSPELLED! Hahaha, Okay, I'm leaving now. Have a great weekend, friend!

AmyT said...

you're doing soooo awesome!! mmmmm smores!!!!!!

RN Mama said...

You're doing awesome, keep it up! It's hard when you get to a plateau, but you just have to keep pushing through!

I still have 3-5 lbs (depending on the # of Oreos I've eaten) to lose, but I honestly don't know if it will ever come off. I think my body must just be happy with my current weight.

Kassie said...

I'm 100% going to try that Smore sandwich! It looks so fantastic for so few calories!!

Allyson said...

Dont give up! I was on a "even streak" for almost 3 months and then I finally started to drop weight again.

Thanks for sharing the recipes!

Gwen said...

Girl you are still doing fabulous just for maintaining!!! I've been horrible lately and have packed on the pounds since Christmas. I'm back in the saddle next week though. Keep up the great work!! XOXO

In this wonderful life... said...

the apple in a cup sounds fab!

Lil' Woman said...

Mmm...hello smore sandwich! :)

Mc Allen said...

you are doing great & your going to be looking good by the summer! Thanks for these tips, Im gonna do the g cracker one, yum!!! xoxo LA

Alissa said...

Both of these recipes sound delish. You sound like you're doing a great job with the weight loss. Keep up the hard work!

Shell in your Pocket said...

Way to go....smores sound yummy!

sandy toe

katie beth said...

Maintaining is better than gaining! The last five will come off in time. I'm starting the Shred over again :)

~Mrs. Guru~ said...

Congrats girl! That is awesome on the weight loss!

Garrett and Meagan said...

Congrats lady!! THat is so awesome. You are doing great! Lets see some pics of that Svelte new figure of yours!!

Lindsey said...

I just wanted to let you know I have a new blog address.

Hope you have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

I know I am guilty of feeling the same way as you, I hate maintaining and would rather lose, but in reality, maintaining is better than gaining! Keep it up!!

And btw, I do something similar with my apples - I put the apple slices in a bowl and microwave them for a bit, then sprinkle cinnamon over it and put a sugar free 60 calorie thing of jell-o pudding on top of it! Yummy!

Mrs. G.I Joe said...

Maintaining sucks! I've been fluctuating within the same freakin pound for three weeks! We'll get there though:) Keep at it!

Anonymous said...

Oooh those sound fabulous! YUM!

Tasha said...

You're doing great and at least you didn't gain! I LOVE Cheez Its too. Those little bits of salty goodness and too tough to resist!

Elizabeth said...

Now those treats look super YUMMY!!! and low calories!! I love it! Hope you are having a wonderful weekend! :-)