Friday, February 5, 2010

Q & A Part 4.


What is your favorite type of exercise (running, lifting weights, aerobics, etc...)? Aerobics. I love the way I feel after a really good sweat session. I highly recommend Biggest Loser Cardio Max and Jillian Michael's Banish Fat, Boost Metabolism.

How did you start to get on track with your weight-loss?
I bought The 30 Day Shred and started to do that everyday. I also started a food journal to keep track of my calories and tried to stay between 1300 and 1400 calories per day. I started seeing results right way which helped me continue and it became addicting.

Do you have any tips to get started?
My best advice is to just START. Stop making excuses and just do it. Find an exercise you enjoy doing and you'll have a better chance of sticking to it. If you enjoy workout videos I recommend going to Amazon and researching and reading reviews to find the best one for you. If walking or running is your thing then schedule a time to get out there and do it. Once you start working out you'll become addicted, and then you'll want to start eating better to fuel your workouts. Check out great sites like My Recipes and Hungry-Girl for yummy, healthy recipes that won't make you feel like you're on a diet!

How did you manage to lose the weight. Please give tips!
I managed to lose the weight by working out intensely 5 to 6 days a week and counting my calories. It's as simple and as difficult as that.
The key to losing the weight and keeping it off is not feeling deprived while you're making the lifestyle change (NOT diet). It's okay to eat macaroni and cheese if it's what you love, just don't eat ALL of it, and make sure you know how many calories are in it so you can budget for it during the day. It's really all about moderation. Believe me, when I eat super strict you can count on the fact that I'm going to binge. I have found 100 calorie packs satsify the craving and sometimes the healthier version of your favorite food can taste pretty darn delish.

What fitness tips that you have found beneficial?
Don't beat yourself up if you miss a day of working out. This was the most difficult for me to realize because I became so addicted to working out that I forgot how important it is for your body to REST. The same goes with food, if I end up eating the whole pizza I can't beat myself up. I need to just realize ther is always tomorrow to get back on track.
Fitness instructors have been saying that interval traning is the best way to lose and I agree. Some of the best workouts I've done are formatted this way, and they are the best of both worlds because you get cardio and lifting at the same time.

What is one fitness routine you can't live without?
Well, it used to be The 30 Day Shred. I lost 16 pounds from doing this workout everyday so I became pretty dependent on it. But my body got used to it and it became easy so I had to switch it up. Now I just plain can't live without fitness period. I get frustrated if I can't get in 5 workouts a week because I just feel better afterwards. It's my time to focus on me and do something that makes me feel good. I can't believe I used to NOT workout all the time!

What advice would you give someone looking to lose a significant amount of weight...15-20 pounds?
Take it day by day. By that I mean, just take it one day at a time because we can get discouraged when we look at the big picture. Slow and steady will win the race! And know that small changes like cutting 100 calories from each day can help you lose a pound a week.
I also think having an accountability partner really helps. It's nice to have someone to vent to when you're having a bad day and someone to tell you how great you look as results start so show.

Where do you find motivation to lose weight?
My biggest motivation was I wanted to STOP analyzing everything about my body and just feel comfortable in my own skin. That is what got me started, but as I'm progressing my motivation is to be healthy and feel great.


Why did you start blogging?
I had just gotten married and started reading a friend's blog about her life. Through that site I started reading other blogs that were all about their newlywed lives. After stalking all these blogs I decided to start my own to document my newlywed life so I can look back at it one day and show my kids.

Do you keep a journal or a diary?
I keep a food journal, does that count? I used to keep a prayer journal which was really cool because I actually had it when I met Garth and when wewe were dating so it was neat to look back at those prayers about our relationship and see how God answered my prayers. I do think of my blog as a journal of sorts. It's a way of documenting my life and I can't wait to look back at it years from now.

What is your beauty routine?
I wish it was interesting, but it's pretty basic and boring. I use the Proactiv cleanser, toner and moisturizer and then I put on foundation, blush, and mascara and pull my hair in a pony tail and I'm off to work.

Define your style (clothing and interior!)
I would define my clothing style as very wannabe J. Crew and my interior style is very modern chic. I'm all about classic and comfort when it comes to clothing and interior.

If you could be any shoe, what would it be?
I would be flip flops because they're comfortable, cute, practical, and usually warn in warm climates.

I know you guys have been house hunting...have you found that dream house yet?!
UGH, no! It is such a tough decision and such a HUGE decision. We just feel overwhelmed with the whole process. I'm sorry that is a vague answer, but there really isn't much new to report.

What is your favorite movie?
When Harry Met Sally

Favorite recipe?
Paula Deen's mac and cheese. It will change your life.

Who do you look up to / who is your hero?
My parents. They are the most generous, kind, loving, wise, fun people I know. They live to glorify God and their marriage is straight from a fairy tale.

Do you like to read? If so, what is your favorite book?
I love to read which is why I can't just give you one book, I have to give you my top 5:
The Bible
Conformed to His Image by Kenneth Boa
Crazy Love by Francis Chan
Sacred Marriage by Gary Thomas
I Don't Have Enough Faith to be an Atheist by Norman Geisler

I would love to hear your / Garth's testimony!
Garth - When I was younger, I lived my life without faith and little thought about the consequences for my lifestyle. Through the years I knew there was a God because I felt respect for Him in my heart, but I never knew Him or His truth, therefore, I longed for something and I didn't know what it was. A few years ago, I was in a dark place in my life with little understanding of the world and I was in desperate need for direction and I felt the only person I could turn to was God, and trusting in Him for the first time, I started looking for answers by reading the Bible, seeking some kind of truth that hopefully would guide me in some way through this broken world. As I was reading and learning from His Word, I realized that His Word was teaching me and warning me about the very brokenness I was experiencing and it was at that very moment that I realized that it wasn't as much me reaching out to the Lord as much as it was the Lord reaching out to me. That marked the beginning of my relationship with my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. And thanks to great friends and family who love me unconditionally, my faith has been a continual growth since then.
Me - My story is much different from Garth. I grew up in a Christian home where we went to church every Sunday, Sunday nights, and throughout the week too. My parents were very involved in the church so much of my childhood revolved around church. I always knew there was a God and I loved going to church and learning more about Him. The problem was, I didn't know I could have a relationship with him. I went to church camp when I was 12 years old and we were watching a video of Jesus dying on the cross and in that moment I realized Jesus died for me and wanted a relationship with me. It was the best news I ever heard! I accepted Christ as my Lord and Savior in the moment and became the King's daughter. It was the best decision I ever made.

Is there anything in your life that has happened that you would like to do over?
No. I am thankful that God has used all of my mistakes in life to learn valuable lessons and help advise others so they don't make the same mistakes I did. I really do believe everything happens for a reason and that our mistakes can turn into the best life lessons.

When will you be getting Chandler???!
Soon!! Chandler is the name of the Golden Retriever we want to rescue. We want a dog so bad we can hardly stand it, but our apartment does not allow dogs. But the first thing we buy when we move into our house is Chandler!

*Thanks for all your fun questions, I enjoyed answering them!


katie + bret said...

Very fun! I have loved these posts you have done - So wonderful to see how even MORE of an amazing person you are!


Kristin @ the Waiting Game said...

Fun! I love Q&A posts! I hope you and Garth have a good weekend!

Elizabeth said...

I love that picture of the living room. Super cute!! :-)

Lauren said...

Love reading all of your answers! I wish I was as motivated as you when it comes to being healthy! Way to go girl!

Mrs EyeCanSee said...

Haha. You know you're pregnant when in a sea of excellent weight loss and fitness tips you immediately zone in on the Paula Dean Mac and Cheese. I couldn't print that recipe off fast enough! haha. Can't wait to try it! My last attempt at homemade mac and cheese was kind of a bust...I know Paula won't do me wrong!

Blair @ Reasonably Swanky said...

Love this, such a great idea and way for us to get to know y'all better!
Have a great weekend!

Pleasant Drive said...

As always, I love reading little tidbits about people's lives. This was a great post!

Dad said...

Hi hon, Mom & I are so proud of you and Garth. I love reading your blog during my lunch. You are so genuine and such a gifted communicator. Love you to the moon and back! Dad

Alissa said...

I love your Q&A sessions! Very fun and very detailed. I left you a little something on my blog. Happy Friday!

Prissy Southern Prep said...

I enjoyed reading this! I just tried the 30 day shred on Monday night, and I haven't done it again. I also go to the gym daily, and I overdid it the day I did the shred. So, I will be re-starting day 1 of the shred tonight! Jillian is awesome. Congrats to you for all of the goals you are accomplishing!

Lil' Woman said...

Cute living room and I enjoyed reading your testimonies! :)

Jules said...

I’m excited to keep working at The Shred and I remember that you noticed great results from it. I really need to do this everyday! Hungry Girl is a great resource for healthy recipes and I also have a Biggest Loser cookbook that has some good stuff in it.

As for interval training, I find that I’ve been getting the best workouts at the gym doing 30-minute circuit training. I love it and it is a challenge. I’ve also learned, like you that just because you don’t do what you’re supposed to eating or workout-wise doesn’t mean that it’s all over. Tomorrow is indeed another day! I also agree about taking it a little bit at a time.

The prayer journal that you had sounds really special. My hair is up everyday for work too! I love your decorating style and loved your answer about flip flops ;) I need to try that Paula Deen Mac ‘n Cheese recipe.

It is so inspiring to read about your faith and devotion to the Lord. I really would like to be more like you and Garth in that way. I believe in God and pray everyday. Geof and I really need to work on finding a church that is right for us.

These were great to read and I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Samantha said...

definitely a good dog name. definitely.

Lindsey said...

Thank you for all those wonderful tips! I have become really discouraged with losing a few pounds lately, especially around my tummy. I own the Shred and I really need to start doing to everyday.

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I love that you are sharing all of this with us!!! your living room!

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