Friday, November 7, 2008

Random Musings

1. I am so proud of Garth and I! We only ate out once this week, and it was fast food (read: CHEAP).
2. This means Garth made some killer meals like garlic chicken pasta, Italian Chicken, etc...
3. Small group was great last night. I'm looking forward to hanging out with them on the weekend.
4. My biggest event of the year is only 3 days away and I'm feeling good about it. I have everything prepared and I'm just awaiting things to go wrong and I'll have time to fix them!
5. Stress and busyness is the best diet. I have been so busy with the last minute details I realized I haven't eaten since breakfast.
6. I am excited to put on a fancy dress for this gala we're attending tonight with my parents.
7. Last night Garth and I had a really great conversation that lasted over two hours. I love that.
8. My office looks like a tornado went through it. It's an organized mess though.
9. I couldn't sleep the other night because I started stressing over my event and Garth played with my hair and said soothing things until I fell asleep.
10. I missed "Dancing with the Stars" because I was asleep before it came on. That is pathetic but that is what happens when I'm at at 5.
11. Wednesday night Garth and I were being really goofy and making each other laugh so hard it hurt. Those moments are the best.
12. I believe that "an apple a day keeps the doctor away" and I eat an apple every single day.
13. I can't wait for Tuesday to be over.
14. I need a haircut.
15. I thought yesterday was Friday. That is disappointing!
16. I can't wait to sleep in tomorrow.


A Belle and her Beau said...

what a sweet guy Garth is! your event will go perfectly!!! have a wonderful weekend and have fun at the gala tonight!


THE Stephanie said...

I love posts like that. Just a little glimpse... :)

New Girl on Post said...

I love it when my husband plays with my hair.

Garth sounds like he's such a sweet husband. :)

I like that you eat an apple a day!

KC said...

You're event will go great!

And I am also excited to sleep in tomorrow!

Milltini said...

That is impressive that you only ate out once! Try to relax and not worry about your big event, Tuesday will come and go before you know it and everything is going to turn out amazing. Have a wonderful weekend! Maegan said...

we eat out so much! or should I say, order in. much in fact that I only cooked ONCE this week...bad.

You two are adorable!

Liana said...

im like you i series eat apples every day im obsessed with fruit! hope the event goes good!!

Jenny.Lee said...

You're so fun! Love it!

ka1t_lyn said...

Ha, I like the list! Have fun sleeping in, my day to sleep in was today and I woke up before 9! Not what I had in mind, hope yours goes better.

Sandy Toes said...

Yum...garlic chicken pasta..sounds perfect!
-sandy toes

L Sqaured said...

mmmm I want some garlic chicken pasta!!!

Maria said...

I fall asleep early a lot!