Wednesday, October 8, 2008

The Park, Staycation, and a Birthday

Ok, why does it take me until Wednesday to update you on my weekend? Sorry! And I promised pictures from LAST weekend, sheesh! I'm so behind. So here are the pictures my mother-in-law took of us in the park:

As for this weekend we had our staycation Friday and Saturday. It was harder than I thought to relax. We are such on-the-go people so it was tough to sit and chill, but we did it and it was fabulous! We got so lazy in fact, that we decided on take-out so we wouldn't have to cook or clean! But it was great, we are already up to season 4 now!

On our way to get food:

I love him so stinkin' much:

Sunday we celebrated our super fun niece's 2nd birthday. Isn't she the cutest? Love her.
Yesterday Garth made dinner! It was fabulous. Then we drank some merlot and played Scrabble. It is our new fave game. I can't believe I never played it until this year, I was missing out! Then we watched the Presidential Debates. They weren't discussing the issues I wanted to hear about, so I fell asleep.


Anonymous said...

We did a "stay-cation" a few weekends ago and had a great time! Glad you liked it as well. Isn't it sad how hard it is to just relax?!?!

Emily said...

I love just 'staying' with my husband! We are so busy and it's so relaxing!

Shea said...

What beautiful pictures! I am glad you two had such a great time!!

Mojito Maven said...

well look at your new look?!?! LOVE IT!!! and you're pictures are great!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog this morning! I'm always delighted to have new readers. I'm a follower of yours now!! Hope you have a great day. Nina

Elizabeth said...

I am so glad you found me and commented on my blog. Your blog is very cute and I look forward to reading! :)

Hollie said...

okay, ya'll are way too cute! Love the pics at the park!

Just found you through the blogsphere and wanted to say hello!

Great blog!