Tuesday, October 21, 2008

A Day in the Life

7:00a.m. Wake-Up & Shower.
7:15a.m. Coffee and prayer with Garth.
7:30a.m. Off to work.
8:00a.m. Check emails.
8:45a.m. Conference call with catering manager to finalize the floor plan.
9:30a.m. Finalize volunteer assignments and send out.
11:15a.m. Finalize directional lawn signs at venue.
11:30a.m. Organize guest gifts.
12:30p.m. Finalize menu.
1:30p.m. LUNCH.
2:00p.m. Register guests.
2:30p.m. Reorganize my desk.
3:00p.m. Answer more emails.
3:30p.m. Make volunteer nametags.
4:30p.m. Register guests.
4:45p.m. Input guest data into Quickbooks.
5:15p.m. Answer more emails and phone calls.
5:45p.m. File.
6:00p.m. HOME.
6:30p.m. Eat dinner with Garth.
7:15p.m. Walk.
8:00p.m. RELAX to "Dancing with the Stars" while cuddling my hubby.


Jennifer said...

Your job sounds a lot like mine! Event planning/coordination?

So cool that you and your hubby have coffee and pray together in the morning!

LyndsAU said...

sounds like a busy but good day :) looove Dancing with the stars :)

Anonymous said...

Love your job!!!

You can get ready and be out the door in 1/2 an hour!?!? WOW you are amazing!!!!!!

SassyEngineer said...

Busy day - but it is good you have devoted time for the hubby - we need to be better about that!

Liana said...

i love that you try to eat and pray together each day :)

Nora said...

You and I are on the same wave length...I took a personal day to follow my son around with a camera. In a notebook you see a similar outline idea for my son. I love to scrapbook 'a day in the life of' each year for him.

Naturally Caffeinated Family said...

non-stop :) time with hubs sounds great and relaxing!

Amy said...

That's a LONG day girl! I agree with the others, very cool way to start your day!

Rebecca Taylor said...

Busy, busy!

L Sqaured said...

Ughh..your schedule looks like mine..hang in there!!!

morewineplease said...


Miss Anne said...

Sounds like a fabulous/productive day.

I love the 7:15 coffee and prayer with Garth... that inspires me to set aside time each morning for a prayer.

:) make tomorrow a great day!

Milltini said...

Busy, busy girl! P.S. I tagged you! If you don't have time to fill it out I understand! Happy Wednesday.

Glamorous Life of a House Wife said...

Sounds like one packed out day to me! I am glad you got some rest time in there somewhere! :) You deserve it!