Thursday, September 11, 2008

Weekend Updates

Ok I realize I never update about my weekends, but since I enjoy reading what other people do on their weekends. I have decided to tell you about my last few weekends.
Two weekends ago we went to a beautiful wedding full of fun people and great dancing:

We hung out with my bro and his girlfriend:

And we saw a snake!!!

I thought I had the perfect husband because he loves to cook, he isn't messy, but most importantly, he doesn't like football, hockey or baseball! BUT that all changed this weekend. Garth went to a U of M game with a friend (Chris!) of ours and came home yelling "Go Blue!" and sporting a U of M shirt and U of M cup. You would know this upsets me if you knew I graduated from Michigan State. Thank you, Chris, for turning my husband into a U of M fan and a football game. He proceeded to plan out his next Saturdays revolving around football games, U of M football games that is.

While he was at the game I was dying my hair. I had decided after I was married I would get a new hair do. New name, new style was my motto. But the salon didn't go blonde enough for me so it was Claire to the resuce to do it herself.

The before:

The after:


preppy little dress said...

looks like fun was had by all, i love weddings! hard to believe i have been married for 8 years! wow!

LyndsAU said...

Yall are too cute ;)